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Sakura Tree

No description

Evelin Guzman

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Sakura Tree

Sakura Tree
Sakura the japanese name
for my favorite cherry blossom tree.
Sakura all over the country
they bloom beautifully
Blooming during winter.
blooming during summer.
blooming during fall
and autumn
Covering the whole country
with light pink petals.
Falling petals during the day .
Falling petals during the night
Love can be confessed.
Apologies can be accepted.
Sadness turned into happiness.
Enemies into Friendship
Sakura, Cherry Blossom above
Hatred to kindness.
Madness to peacefulness
A Cold heart to a warm heart
Sakura in the morning
Sakura in the day
Sakura in the Sunset's light
Sakura in the Night's bright sky of stars
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