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Copy of Michael Jackson's Thriller

A few of the many examples of figurative language found in "Thriller" along with its position on various charts around the world.

Tricia Malovey

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Michael Jackson's Thriller

Thriller is a HUGELY
popular song that is overflowing
with figurative language Another common example of
figurative language is the
metaphor The most common
example of figurative
language is
assonance "Run, Sun'' is just one of the
Seven examples The midnight hour is close
at hand is another
one I also have MIchael Jackson's THere's no escaping the jaws of the
alien creatures crawl In search of blood thriller also contains two hyperboles you see a sight that almost stops
your heart the funk of forty thousand years
(which is also an alliteration) In tHriller you will find one alliteration
and and an example of personification The F unk of F orty thousand years terror takes the sound befor you take it Thriller ''GRIZZLY Ghouls'' ''Creatures Creap'' All in all, Thriller's global popularity and
abundance of figurative language make it an
incomparable, first rate song Due to all this figurative language,
Thriller is at the top of most charts
around the world. #1 on u.s billboard hot digital songs #1 on spanish singles chart #3 on Swiss singles chart
Thriller also has
1,159,000 digital downloads in the U.s
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