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Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

No description

Maddie Taylor

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry
by: Mildred D. Taylor
Genre: Historical Fiction

Authors Point of View
The authors point of view was 1st person. I know that the point of view is 1st person because Cassie talks in her perspective and she says words like, I, me, mine, our, ourselves, myself, we and us.
The book is taken place in Mississippi, at the height of the Great Depression. Most of the story is happening between 1933 and 1934. The Logan farm, comprising four hundred acres of land, is home to the narrator Cassie and her family, that's where most of the book takes place.
Cassie: Cassie is the narrator. Cassie is 9 years old. She has a fiery temper, is brave, and also is naive concerning the facts of racism. Cassie is the only girl out of the four children. She is very brave and strong for herself.
Stacey: A 12-year-old boy who is going into manhood. He is the oldest child of the family and is friends with T.J, but in the end realizes how he was changing. While Papa is away he feels that he's the man of the house and needs to keep his family safe.
Little man: A 6 year-old, he is the youngest of the Logan children. He also doesn't understand why blacks get treated so badly and doesn't understand the concept why blacks and whites are different.
Christopher John: A plump, cheerful 7 year-old, he is the third-oldest of the children. He is timid and easy going. He doesn't really stand out in the crowd, so he is very different from his other siblings.
Papa: The father of the Logan children. He leaves his family for months at a time to work on the railroad in order not to lose the Logan Land.
Mama: The mother of her four children. She teaches at Great Faith Elementary. She isn't sellfish at all and is very caring.
Big Ma: The mother of Papa and Uncle Hammer. The loving grandmother of Cassie, Stacey, Little Man, and Christopher John. The main caretaker of the house.
Uncle Hammer: The uncle of the Logan children. He is very protective over is family and will do anything to keep them safe, even if it means risking is own life.
Mr. Morrison: A tall and well-built man Papa took into the Logan family since he had lost his job, who slowly becomes accepted as a member of the Logan family.
Harlan Granger: He wants the Logans' land because he wants restore the Granger's land to his original racist family's ownership.
T.J: 14-year-old boy who is a friend of Stacey's until he tells the Wallaces that Mama is teaching "inadequately", which causes him to lose the respect of everyone he knows. He becomes friends with Melvin and R.W. Simms who treated him nicely but laugh at him behind his back. He later discovers that they were just using him when it was too late, and went to jail and possibly death.
The Wallace family: Run a store on Harlan Granger's land, white, racist and violent.
Mr.Jamison: A white lawyer who backs Mary Logan's boycott. He is a kind man who kept the Wallaces from hanging T.J. Opposes Harlan Granger.
One of the themes in the book was the entire family, even those like Hammer who don't live near the rest, was very close. They work together to keep their land. Which they all own together. Cassie's father doesn't think of himself as the owner, he thinks of each of his family members, including the children, as owning a piece.
Created By: Maddie Taylor
One conflict in the book that I found was Internal Conflict. Cassie has an internal conflict with herself, and that is when she doesn't understand racism and asks herself why she gets treated badly. Another conflict that happened was External Conflict and that is between the Wallaces and the Logans; when the Logans get people to boycott the Wallace store.
I found a couple of examples of symbolism in the book. One was the fire towards the end of the book and it symbolizes all the hatred and racism going on throughout the book finally reaches a breaking point. Another example of symbolism I found was transportation like their cars and buses and land, represent the power and autonomy. Mr. Granger's car, for example, demonstrates that he has money, unlike black landowners such as the Logan family who have to walk everyday.
About the Author
Mildred D. Taylor was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on November 13, 1943. Motivated by a racial incident.

This migration did not decline the family's devotion and attachment to the South, and Taylor grew up with an outstanding fascination for the region, eagerly anticipating annual visits there.

She received her education in the Toledo schools, where she was an honor student, editor of the school newspaper, and a class officer.

While accomplishing her college work at the University of Toledo, Taylor strived to be a writer and a Peace Corps volunteer. Throughout her college years, she prepared herself by diligently researching the places she longed to visit.

She volunteered with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia for two years and returned home to recruit new volunteers before beginning her journalistic training at the University of Colorado.
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