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Blue Blood of the BIg Astana

No description

Shanelle Cruz

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Blue Blood of the BIg Astana

Blue Blood of the Big Astana
The story first took place in the big astana, or the Datu's house

The town of Bonbon where Jaafar and Dayang-Dayang met again
Man vs. Himself
Blue Blood
symbolizes inequality between different classes.
"The only thing constant in this world is change."
Life in th Muslim world
Forbidden Love
by: Ibrahim A. Jubaira
orphaned child who went with his Aunt Babo
poor and had to work as a servant of the Datu at the age of 5
hardworking and has strong faith in God
in love with the Datu's daughter, Dayang-Dayang
beautiful daughter of the Datu
belongs to a royal family, and has blue blood or royal blood
married to Muramuraan
handsome rich young Datu in Bonbon who is married to Dayang-Dayang
father of Dayang-Dayang
wife of Appah
mother of Dayang-Dayang
Aunt of the orphaned Jaafar
took care of Jaafar when he was young
The story starts as a flashback of the life of Jaafar as an orphan and a young servant of the Datu's daughter. He narrates the bittersweet memories he shared with Dayang-Dayang
Rising Action
As they get older and become teens, Jaafar always thinks about her and his emotions and feelings towards Dayang-Dayang grow stronger but he always reminds himself that he should be in love with her because he has no blue blood. Months later, a young Datu from Bonbon asked for Dayang-Dayang's hand in marriage, leaving Jaafar brokenhearted.
7 years later, when they lived their separate lives, the royal family encountered many problems. Muramuraan raised hand against Christian goverment and was sent to jail,his servants died fighting for the wrong cause, Appah and Amboh died and all their lands and possessions were confiscated
Falling Action
Jaafar went to Bonbon on business and saw Dayang with her children. He saw that she was working and stressed and saw that she was not used to the hard labor. Jaafar wants to go back to Dayang, help her and take care of her because he misses her and still loves her.
Even though Jaafar really wanted to go back to Dayang-Dayang, he stopped himself from running to her because he still has no blue blood and "Not even the fingers of Allah could weave our fabrics to equality."
Jaafar has feelings for Dayang-Dayang but even thought he likes her, he stops himself because he knows that they are not from the same class.
Point of View
First person point of view
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