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Red River College

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of Red River College

We Are
42 radio stations across 4 provinces
18 community web portals
Half of the prairie population lives in rural communities
We provide a hyper-local focus to rural and small markets
Marketing Strategy
Increase "top of mind awareness"
You are a long-standing trusted name in the industry
Educate consumers to choose you and your core values over the competition
Be known as the experts in our community

What Matters To You
We have covered what matters to the community for over 60 years
Our audience is loyal
92% of adults listen to Radio an average of 20 plus hours per week.
Consistency + Frequency + Message = Marketshare

Winkler and Morden are growing
There are more specialized fields in the area
Red River is an accredited and respected school
It's an option that is close to home
Competing with culture that is apathetic towards post secondary school
Low cost to attend local school
RRC offers a variety of courses
New courses coming over the years

Free online content, eg. YouTube, Blogs
Companies are not willing to pay the worth of educated workers
Not everyone knows about Red River College and what they offer
Percentage of population growth 2006 to 2011
Data from Statistics Canada Census
How do you stand apart?
Welcome Joanne
Ben Krahn Homes
Cedarwood Homes
Capital Building Systems
Dowalt Custom Homes
Francis Family Homes
Frontier Construction
New Leaf Contracting
George Krahn Construction
Goertzen Contracting
Maple Leaf Construction
Moonlight Construction
Pilgrams Construction
Pioneer Homes
Pinnaco Homes
Randy Hildebrand Construction
Glenberg Homes
Sun Valley Cabinets and Construction
WBS/Harval Homes
Six Forty One
LA Homes
LCD Homes
J & J Construction
Greenstar Homes
Ecozee Homes
Do It All Builders
Parkside Lumber
AF Construction
Canadian Lumber
MSTW Total Permits Trend 2009 - 2016
Pembina Valley Online has over 140,000 monthly users.
We generate over 2,500,000 page views each month.
The undisputed leader in providing Hyper Local news to the community as it happens.
Providing "click-away" access to your content.
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