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Welcome to our School

No description

Mary Rienow

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to our School

The Corridor
This is Grosshaus,
boys in 4th and 5th grade live here

These are the room's, aren't they awesome?
Their rooms are the biggest and they enjoy some privileges like staying up longer and go out in the evening.

This is Mr. Sommer, our principal.
Welcome to our school, the Lyceum Alpinum! Let me show you around!

Dining hall
Hall of Fame
Zuoz Globe - a place where dreams come true
Inaugurated December 2011
This is the Campus
Girls from Classes DIS 1-4
and Matura 1-4
Classes 1-3 share rooms, with two girls in one, girls from class 4 have their own room.

This is Chesa Arpiglia.
Girls from Matura 5 and 6, and IB 1 and 2 live here. They enjoy single rooms that are way bigger then the rooms in Mädcheninternat, girls can't wait to get here. They have their own big bathrooms with their own shower.

its the temporary home for boys age 15-17, they live in single, double or triple rooms which they can decorate according to their own taste.

Spencer House:
Its the Home to our youngest borders, boys from age 11 to 15.

Sport hall
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