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Bruno is a nine year old boy who lives in Berlin with his fa

No description

shelby lawrence

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Bruno is a nine year old boy who lives in Berlin with his fa

Bruno is driven to talk to Shmuel every day and figure out his situation. It is very confusing to Bruno as to why Shmuel can not come to his side of the fence and play.
Bruno is a nine year old boy who lives in Berlin with his family in a huge house with five floors and many like houses surrounding his. There are also three best friends for life that Bruno laughs and plays with every day. In the streets there are people hustling and bustling about and sitting at cafe tables drinking fancy drinks.
Outside of Bruno's new bedroom window he sees an enormous wire fence with rolls of barb at the top and in the distance there people in striped Pajamas working. One day Bruno asks his father about the people in the striped pajamas and his father says they are not human. This makes Bruno feel very confused and lost.
Bruno is a very believable historical fiction character as it seems that you are living Bruno's adventures with him.
Now, Brunos family has moved to Out-With because of his fathers work. Out-With sits in a desolate place with no greenery and no other houses or familys to be seen.
I can see my own life in some stories as in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I can feel Brunos frustration of not knowing his new surroundings.
One day on one of Bruno's adventures he finds a speck that becomes a blob that becomes a figure that became boy and that boys name was Shmuel. Shmuel lives behind the scary fence and wares striped pajamas.
Characters like Bruno do and feel different things to bring the reader closer to the character and advance the story plot further.
Shmuel can not find his father and Bruno goes under the fence to help find him. Once on the other side of the fence Bruno, Shmuel, and other people in striped pajamas are marched to a dark building. The two friends were very scared and held hands to the end.
By reading a historical fiction book readers can learn interesting details about history. I learned that Auschwitz concentration camp was in Poland.
Reading a book can make you reflect on your own life. From reading this book I have learned that you have to walk a mile on someones path before you can understand there situation.
Details can make a story seem realistic. Bruno and Shmuel holding hands seems typical of what to scared boys would do.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Final Project

By: Shelby Lawrence
Grade 8
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