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future technolagy

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of future technolagy

Future technolagy by Ashley Mellor.
future high
This shoe plays music where ever you go and you insert a disk at the side it is amazing and also got a speaker and it looks very good.
Future cars
This is a future car it is flat and silver but looks hard to get in side but it looks like a very fast car and it looks really cool to go around in it.
This is a future iphone wrist watch
This is a iphone that sticks around you wrist so u cannot lose it and u can where it where ever you want.
Future laptop
This is a future laptop that flips around and got speaker connected to the bottom and it look epic and it has got a flat curved key board.
Future ipad
This is a ipad that bends and it has a stand that bends to i find this ipad really cool and u can take it where u want.
Future motor
This motor cycle is very fast and its got diffrent wheels to every motor bike and it look cool but it looks very expensive and it can get around very fast.
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