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Four Wheelers

No description

cody winchester

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Four Wheelers

Finally TRX 450r THE 450 CLASS This Fourwheeler is made by
Honda. Until 2006, honda made the 450 with electric start. Now, you can have electric or kick start option. This Four wheeler all stock will go about 75mph. Honda said that this bike has about the best all around performance. YFZ 450 Made by Yamaha. The performance
review on this bike said that it is
known for its handling characteristics. This four wheeler all stock will go about 74-77 mph. In 2009, YFZ made the bike with fuel injection. All of these bikes are electric start. KFX 450r It is made by Kawasaki. Kawasaki
started making 450s in 2008. Many
people like them and they have been a popular bike since they have been making them. Kawasaki made this bike fuel injected. It will go about 77 mph all stock. All of the 450's have good tourqe, but
this bike has just about the best tourqe in its class. LTR 450 This bike is made by Suzuki. Suzuki
started making a 450 in 2006.
When it came out it was made to be almost race ready stock. It came out wider than the other 450's. Suzuki quit making these bikes in 2012. The bikes top speed is about 78 mph stock. KTM 450 This bike is made by KTM. This
bike actually has a advantage than
the others. It comes stock with maxxis tires. This bike has the fastest acceleration engine KTM makes. It has two light weight shafts that provide smooth engine preformance for quick power from bottom to top end. Stock this bike will go over 100 mph according to cha cha. CAM-AM DS 450 This bike is made by CAM-AM. This
atv will suit anyone that races on a
track or off. It has an ultra light weight
aluminum no-weld frame. Cam-am made this bike which has the the highest power-to-weight ratio of the 450 class. This bike continues to maintain the benchmark for handeling, performance, and control both off and on the track. This bike stock will go about 71 mph. POLARIS OUTLAW 450 This bike is made by Polaris.
According to Polaris this bike is
made for the track. Unlike many of the other 450s, this bike isnt fuel injected yet. It is still carburetored. This bike comes with reverse. Even know the bike is designed for racing on track, it still comes out stock close to middle so you can choose racing on track or trails(GNCC). This bike stock will go about 72 mph.
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