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Fashion Hub, New Delhi

No description

Nriga Sood

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Fashion Hub, New Delhi

Fashion Hub acts as a meeting point for all the major activities related to fashion.

It is an amalgamation of retail spaces, exhibition area, museum, library, conference room, seminar rooms, offices, production units, ramp shows, food court etc.

-- A permanent exhibiton centre
-- A convention centre with exhibition halls, auditoriums
-- A library and resource centre
-- A business centre with meeting rooms
-- Research & Development centre
-- Designer boutiques and studios, offices
-- Fashion information centre
-- A textile and craft museum
-- Guest rooms,, restaurants
-- Health spa, fitness centre, outdoor and indoor games facilities

Such a hub would act as a magnet for potential stakeholders, fashion designers, fashion houses, retailers etc and would provide a common platform to interact.
Possible Case Studies
Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Ansal Plaza, Andrewsganj, New Delhi

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Validity of the topic
One of the biggest challenges for a sector as
diverse as fashion is communicting effectively within the trade and to government and the wider population.

Manufacturers will work with new emergining designers. Exhibition and sales specialists will ensure our designers and manufacturers are being given maximum exposure.
fashion hub, new delhi
Prototype Study
The Big Apple, New York

Brampton Road, London

The Amsterdam Metropolitian Area
Site Selection
The fashion hub as proposed by the Textile Government is proposed in Dwarka, New Delhi.

The site is situated in sector 12 of Dwarka, an upcoming sub-city near the capital of India.

It is a 5.53 acres site (approx) located at the heart of sector 12, Dwarka.

The site is surrounded by Dwarka Sector 12 Metro station on one side and housing societies on the other sides.
Need of the Project
Apart from the rich tradition, the strength of Indian Fashion Industry rests on strong raw material availability. India is

3rd largest producer of cotton
2nd largest producer of silk
5th largest producer of man-made fibres
India has a rich and varied textile heritage
Fashion Weeks
India hosts a variety of annual fashion weeks to showcase talent of designers
Each region of India has it own unique native costume and traditional attire.
The designer fraternity of India has cheered a government proposal to create a fashion hub in the rapidly growing suburb of the national capital region, saying it would signal Delhi's arrival as the country's premiere style destination
Assist a number of intermediate industries such as handicrafts or specific design to interact directly with the consumers.
Promote fashion as an industry and serve to educate and make aware all the stake holders
Enable the indian fashion designers and cottage industries to establish themselves in the market
Provide an established venue for major
fashion events that shall occur in the country
The proposed hub shall host fashion shows during all seasons, have permanent exhibition centres, conduct research on products and manufacturers, organise fashion photo shoots, produce publicity material and literature on a wide range of fashion business related issues, and will also have a textile and crafts museum, guest rooms, fitness centres and much more.
The Fashion Hub will act as a permanent Fashion Gallery that will project the image of contemporary India displaying the modern look of India on one hand along with showcasing the rich Indian heritage and its prowess in craftsmanship that is passed on from one generation to the other.

Architectural Challenge
A number of shopping malls, garment industries, research and development centers for textile industry somehow fail to provide an architectural icon which the fashion industry can relate to and can identify with as a symbol of their profession.
The challenge would be to create a space and buildings which would keep the glamorous image of the fashion world but at no cost would ignore the functional aspect of it.

The idea would be to explore the kind of setup a place like Fashion Hub deserves.

The building or buildings has to be symbolic of the professional stream which they are catering to which is ever changing and always beaming with ideas.
Proposed Site For Fashion Hub,Dwarka, New Delhi
With the golbal market opening up to the fashion industry, we nee to streamline and consolidate resources and talent and setup a support base for the industry to enter mainstream fashion.
Fashion Hub is the right step to strenthen the industry.

Bye Laws
Climate Study
Context to the surroundings
Other Site Details
Study of Fashion as an "industry"
Study of Architectural Character of Delhi
Library Study
The purpose of the case studies shall be to study similar buildings and analyze them accordingly and identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses.
On the basis of site study and case study analysis
Refinement of conceptual design

Detailing of project
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