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No description

Maelyn Huebert

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Blackberry

Blackberry Created in 1999 by Research in Motion in Canada First started out by focusing on email B Blackberry is a line of mobile email and Smartphone devices It's known for its ability to send and receive email wherever More than 7 million people use blackberry's More than 7 million people around the world use Blackberrys It is supported by mobile web, email, text messaging, internet and other wireless connections Has a built in Qwerty keyboard(most common) Has a trackball or scroll ball in the middle of the device and a keypad for typing On most phones, the 8 key has the T, U, V, and on the blackberry it is the key for B and N A keyboard for "thumbing," using only your thumbs to type Has a push to talk button, which is like a radio in your phone There is a class you can take on "How to use your Blackberry" President Obama is obsessed with his Blackberry and he won't give it up! There is a book coming out soon about the history of the Blackberry 33% of people using the Blackberry showed the same sign of addiction of drug addicts
it has been termed the "Crackberry" because of this reason it is named "black magic" too has a GPS navigation system signals location by a flashing dot can view online maps can find any location--buildings, mountains, or any distance PIN NUMBER There is an eight number identification code on each blackberry
Has a pin number to lock the phone too In December of 2007, the first Blackberry store was started in Farmington Hills, Michigan 95% of people are unaware of all the things the Blackberry can do FEATURES *email *text messaging *calendar *contacts *clock/alarm *memo pad *camera/video *web browsing *games *and so much more!
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