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MITE6328 (3)

Leading in Times of Change

Bob Fox

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of MITE6328 (3)

1. Review - 1st 2 Sessions 2. Review Group Blogs References Fox, R., & Lam, P. (2012). Balancing context, pedagogy and technology on learning space designs: opportunities amidst infrastructural developments in Hong Kong. In M. Keppell, K. Souter & M. Riddle (Eds.), Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces in Higher Education: Concepts for the Modern Learning Environment. (pp. 72-86). IGI Global.
Fullan, M. (2001). Leading in a culture of change. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Law, N., Yuen, H.K., Ki, W.W, Li, S.C., Lee, Y. & Chow, Y. (2000). Changing Classrooms: A Study of Good Practices in Using ICT in Hong Kong Schools. Hong Kong: Centre for Information Technology in School and Teacher Education, The University of Hong Kong.
Tsang, P., Kwok, P., Kwong, R., White, B., & Fox, R. (2011). Innovation in ICT teaching: a longitudinal case study of WiFi in Hong Kong, International Journal of Innovation and Learning, 10, (1), 85-101. Organisational Learning
MITE 6328 (3) Leading in Times
of Change Assessment Part 1: Group & Individual Task
What strategies does your organisation have in place to encourage development, change and innovation?

This week's group blog activity:
Develop and articulate ideas for describing leading change in an organisation of your choice Main group assignment tasks 8 HK Case Studies
Models of Change Image source: http://management411.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/changes.jpg 1. Review - 1st 2 Sessions 1. Review - 1st 2 Sessions Diffusion of Innovation Review:
Important roles in the innovation process include:

opinion leaders (who have relatively frequent informal influence over the behaviour of others)
change agents (who positively influence innovation decisions, by mediating between the change agency and the relevant social system)
change aides (who complement the change agent, by having more intensive contact with clients, and who have less competence credibility but more safety or trustworthiness credibility) Rubrics Group Progress 1. Review - 1st 2 Sessions 1. Review - 1st 2 Sessions Changing role of library +changing mindsets Eg Information commons vs learning commons – exploring the difference
Some considerations:
Changing role of the library and librarians - new roles
Learning skills, language skills, multi-literacy skills
Learner-centered design - matching new curriculum needs
Easy access online
Variety of different learning spaces and the provision of small group study spaces (open planned and in rooms)
Specific areas for silence and noise
Access to food and beverage
24 hour accessibility 3. Leading Change 4. Open Plan spaces 4. Open Plan spaces 4. Open Plan spaces 4. Open Plan spaces Group to Group Presentations 4. Open Plan spaces 4. Open Plan spaces 4. Open Plan spaces 5. Individual Study Spaces 4. Open Plan spaces 6. Learning Commons 7. Changing Schools 10. Changing Faculty of
Education Library, HKU 8. Fullan Prepare for next week's sharing of group work-to-date Week 3
Group Blog Activity:
'Develop & articulate ideas for describing leading change in an organisation' Leading change in an organisation - Case Study Powerpoint slides in Moodle folder Powerpoint slides in Moodle folder
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