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time travel advertisment

No description

Anica Holzknecht

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of time travel advertisment

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli We're always in time for you1 Hello ! Hello, and welcome to GMS's travel back in time! The Sankore University of Timbuktu, found in the Kingdom of Ghana, is one of the most spectacular sights to see in Ghana! Make sure that you have the chance to explore the endless amount of manuscripts and really get a feel for the time period. The first of the West African Kingdoms, we present...
Ghana Visit the court of Mansa Musa, the seat of power in Mali An amazing sight to see, witness the endless hustle and bustle of Mansa Musa's court! Tolerant of both Islam and West African traditions, you will have the chance to see how laws were passed, and how the King guided his Kingdom in trade and expansion and how Mansa Musa's leadership was a great moment of progress for the the kingdom of Mali. Last but not least, the most beautiful Songhai.... A tour by Bakar through the government palace of Gao in the ancient Kingdom of Songhai, who would not want this from one of Sunni Ali's advisers? Showing you not only the amazing Palace, but also how the king managed to rule and help the Kingdom prosper! Get your tickets now! ...also
in Songhai... Leaving out the market place of Songhai would be a crime; therefore we will be meeting the famous portuguese merchant, Fernao Gomes! He will be teaching us about trade regulations, the relations of Songhai with Portugal and his role in trade which is a good example of progression for Songhai. Of course you will have a chance to have a typical merchant meal on the market! What an amazing opportunity, it's sure to make a delightful memory! The Snkore University of Ghana Witness the difference in provincial and metropolitan Ghana, which under the rule of the King, was divided into different states. With your tour guide, you will see the influence of the King and his ruling in everyday life. Kumbi Saleh, the capital of Ghana Known as a great center of knowledge and learning, you will visit the great library of Bul' Araf filled with copies of the Koran which was a turning point for West Africa. Look forward to hearing a translation of some of the laws that govern the country from Arabic to English! A great starting point to understanding the Kingdom of Mali, we give you the Library of Bul' Araf! The court of Mansa Musa This trip has been costumed specifically to your needs, our co-workers have tried their absolute best to make this trip the best you will ever be on. So feel free to get your tickets now and an amazing experience with it! Have a wonderful rest of your day!
your travel group,
GMS in time library of Bul' Araf government palace of gao Fernao Gomes
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