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Does Chewing Gum Improve Your Concentration?

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Devin Crosby

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Does Chewing Gum Improve Your Concentration?

Does Chewing Gum Improve Your Concentration?

The science fair project I am doing is “Does chewing gum increase people’s concentration and results in school tasks? My hypothesis for this project is that gum does help people concentrate because me personally I perform better while chewing gum while doing school work. Chewing gum is significantly beneficial to concentration, memory, and focus. A recent study in Germany at the University of Oldenburg showed that chewing gum had an positive effect on the concentration test. At the Baylor College of Medicine they found that students who chewed gum showed an increase in standardized math test scores and their final grades were better compared to those who didn't chew gum. Students who chewed gum had a significantly greater increase in their standardized math test scores after 14 weeks of chewing gum in math class and while doing homework compared to those who did not chew gum. Students who chewed gum had final grades that were significantly better than those who didn't chew gum. What do all of these studies show? They all show that chewing gum increases concentration. Chewing gum raises an persons average human heart beat around by around 3 beats per minute, the study at the University of Northumbria also found people who carried out the motion of chewing gum but didn’t actually have it present in their mouth had their heart rates increase by 2 BPM
What is the relationship between chewing gum and concentration? Does chewing gum improve your test grades? All of these questions I will attempt to find out in this project. Studies show that chewing gum can help you score higher in your schoolwork. Studies also show how chewing gum raises the average person’s heart rate which could contribute to the assumption that chewing gum can improve school work. This topic interests me because I believe the theory that chewing gum improves your schoolwork and I want to prove it to be right or wrong.
This topic is something that has been studied for a while now. Studies have proven that chewing gum can improve your reaction and aid to your brain power. Concentration and attention are two essential components to everyday work and tasks. In one study researchers split in half 38 participants in two groups. Both groups completed a 30 minute audio task. They discovered that the group that chewed gum had quicker reaction times and more accurate results. The study showed that chewing gum helps people focus on tasks that require continuous monitoring over a longer amount of time.
1. I chose myself to conduct this project.
2. I took an online test without chewing gum.
3. I took the same online test but this time chewing Juicy Fruit gum.

1.Juicy Fruit Gum
3.Online Test

My hypothesis is that gum helps
your concentration. My hypothesis
comes from the information I received from the studies involving gum and concentration. The studies state that gum helps your concentration and improves your reaction time.


Test without gum 85% Test with gum

The results of my project showed that my hypothesis was correct. When I chewed gum while taking the online test my score was higher than when I didn’t. This proves my hypothesis my correct because from reading the studies and knowledge of this project I guessed that chewing gum would improve scores and I was correct.
My hypothesis was correct. When I took the test while chewing gum I scored higher than I did when I wasn’t. It is good to assume that chewing gum increases people concentration while doing school tasks. The answer to our problem, how to help students concentrate without the use of medical drugs could be chewing gum. Chewing gum improves the level of concentration and allows the work to be completed efficiently and with an increase in productivity. This can lead to better grades and can boost morale and confidence. It will help in higher grades when more and more work has to be completed quickly.

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