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iVEDiX Marketing Strategy


Ashley Fantigrossi

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of iVEDiX Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy 2013 Our Intent To fill technological and strategic gaps with: business intelligence (BI) with solutions delivered by high impact teams with a mastery that spans from data to device, products that simplify complex data systems, and give cross-functional data visibility, solutions that minimize cost and time spent, while optimizing reaction time to key environmental shifts in a highly competitive global marketplace. Our Brand Our SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats - High Impact Teams
- International Presence
- SMB Agility
- Sales/Marketing Adaptability
- Unique Product Offering
- Adaptable Pricing
- Customer/Experience Portfolio
- App Level Control
- Completely Mobile Product - Ability to Expand Expert Team
- Isolation from Tech Hubs
- Scalability
- Sales/Marketing Reach
- iPAD-centric maturity
- Growth Funding
- Account Management/Support
- Product w/o Web Based Footprint
- Product Development/Timing - Expanding Offices
- Local Businesses
- Technology Partners
- Sales/Marketing Adaptability
- New Technologies
- Competitive Pricing Model
- Networking & Social Media
- New App Compatibilities
- Supply/Demand Imbalances - Supply/Demand Imbalance
- Trade Barriers
- Drowned Out by Competition
- Cannibalizing Business
- Replication
- Heavy R&D Expenses
- Legal Action & Copyright
- Cyber Security
- Business Investment Fill technological and strategic gaps in business intelligence through:
High impact teams
Visionary products
Solutions that better companies Our Mission Streamline access to business intelligence that empowers users, generates profitable understanding of big data, and enhances the quality of life for its users. Our Market Opportunity Size Targets Definition $15 - 20 Billion BI Technology, Business Intelligence Vendor Enterprise Verticals Managing Big Data,
Companies Seeking Comprehensive BI Tools Small $2-200 Million
Medium $201-1 Billion,
Large $1 - 4 Billion
Enterprise $4 Billion+ US & C
Business Services
Healthcare Middle East
Government Services Our Products A visionary app for accessing large amounts of data through real-time analytics and comprehensive visualizations, with the agility to adapt to any mobile environment. miVEDiX Analytics miVEDiX Tactical A collaborative app for managing intricate business & facilities processes in the feild. Custom built & designed to integrate with any system or business process. Unlike Any Other miVEDiX Analytics has: Unlike Any Other miVEDiX Tactics has: Real-time Management Unique Data Interaction w/ the DISC An Intuitive UI & 3D Visualizations Visualization Across Multiple Data Sources Retrofit for Existing Systems Supports Off-line Activity Our Services Data Business Intelligence Mobile A combination of data, business intelligence, & mobile services that support your miVEDiX solution. miVEDiX Solution Path Assessments Data Traditional BI Mobile Request for Proposal Management
Business Process Assessment
Requirements Consulting Data Architecture, Analysis & Design
Data Warehousing
Data Management
Data Migration Directed Analytics
Ad-Hoc Reporting
Dashboard & Scorecards
Geo-Location Analysis
Predictive Modeling BYOD Strategies
Mobile Data Model
Integration Our Communication Goals Our Positioning iVEDiX Strengthen Relationships with Existing & Potential Clients Maximize Awareness & Credibility in BI Community Generate Leads in Target Markets & Audiences Tradeshows
Healthcare Institute 2013
Gitex 2013
NRF 2014
HIMSS 2014 Networking Events
Attending Events/Tradeshows
Word of Mouth
Town Hall Meetings Midtown Rochester, Atlanta, Chicago Advertising
LinkedIN Ads
Promoted Tweets Social Media ("Fan Gating", Networking, Analytics)
White Papers
Case Studies
Hootsuite Social Media
Facebook Email Blasts
Welcome Program
Special Announcements Web Content
White Papers
Webinars Special Offers
Trade Show Invites
Admission Sales Collateral
Online Speaking Events
Town hall Meetings Case Studies
Clients Press & Awards
(Biz, Tech, & Trade Publications)
Information Week
Business Journal
Democrat & Chronicle Advertising (Trade Shows, Print, Online)
Healthcare Institute 2013
Gitex 2013
NRF 2014
HIMSS 2014
Information Management Ad SEO
Organic Our Audiences Cred
Professionals seeking iVEDiX products and services, with financial decision making power.
- Level: CXO
- Function: Information Technology or Finance
- Industry: Global retail, healthcare, telecommunication Clout
Technology trend-setters who disseminate buzz surrounding BI, Data, Software, Tech, and Mobile.
- Level: Senior
- Function: Information Technology
- Industry: Information Technology and Services Class
World-class partners with the potential of offering our clients a fuller data & community experience.
- Level: Director
- Function: Marketing, Social Media, & Business Development
- Industry: Information Technology and Services Basic Features: Timesheets, Offline Mode,Workflow,Disk Drill Down, Native App, Industry Customization Our Pricing Advanced Modules
Data Input
Social Media
Predictive Modeling
Pivot Tables
Location Intelligence
Charts & Graphs
KPI Tracking Custom Modules $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 $000.00 Data Architect
Lead Data Architect
Solutions Architect (BI)
Lead Solutions Architect (BI)
Application Architect (Web Services)
Senior 3D Design & Animation
Database Architect
Senior Database Architect
Mobile Architect
Lead Mobile Architect
Business Process Engineer/Program Management Base 3M 6M 1Y+ Tenure Discount $000.00
$000.00 $000.00
$000.00 $000.00
$000.00 $000.00
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