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Eastman Kodak: Funtime Film

No description

Tí Con

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Eastman Kodak: Funtime Film

2. Market Analyzis
Eastman Kodak: Funtime Film
The U.S Photo Film Market
Total Current Market is of 670 million 24-exposure roll at average cost of $2.5 - $3.5
Major players -
Kodak, Fuji, Agfa & 3M
Growth of
is greater than growth of
1. Case Background
3. Kodak Strategies
Group 2
Kodak Logo
changes over time
Eastman Kodak
Market Share & Sales are in a decline
Largest Photo Film Cooperation
Only offer a Superpremium and Premium Film
Market Share: 76% 70% over 5 years
Stock: -8% in past week
Fuji Photo Film Co. & Konica Corp.
Category Pricing
$2.91 - $2.49
$2.69 - $2.91
$4.27 - $4.69
Economy Brands
Premium Brands
Kodak Gold Plus
Agfaclor XRG
Superpremium Brands
FujiColor Reala
Kodak Ektar
Clark Color
Kmart Focal
Fujicolor Super G
Konica Super SR
4 Price Tiers
Kodak Gold Plus
Industry standard
Premium price tier at $3.49 (100%)
An estimate 70% gross margin
Price Brands
Fujicolor Super G
Leader in Economy tier
Price at 17% less than the Premium tier at $2.91
An estimate 55% gross margin
Price Brands
Price about 30% less than Premium brands
Offered higher margin for dealers
Customer Behavior
By yearly usages, the consumers were segmented as follows:
Annual rolls
Percentage of Customers
0 - 4
5 - 9
10 - 15
16 - 25
> 25
Kodak's 35mm negative film buyer
50% brand loyal - "Kodak-loyal"
40% "samplers" heavy reliance on Kodak
only 10% price shoppers
Market Segmentation
gaining with lower price-point options
The Key Strategies
Gold Plus
Remain the flagship brand
60% of advertising budget
Royal Gold
Being target to a boarder audience for "very special" occasions
Introduced as a superpremium brand
40% of the advertising support allocated to its brand
Funtime Film
Give Kodak a presence in the Economy Brand Tier at a price 20% below Gold Plus on a per roll basis
Gold Plus 400
Royal Gold
Offered twice a year at off-peak times (2-3 months starting in April and then again in September
No advertising support
Available in limited quantities & in only 2 film speeds ( ISO 100 & 200)
Packed in "value packs"
2-rolls of 24-exposures or 4-roll pack with 3-rolls of 24-exposures and 1-roll of 36-exposures
To launch Funtime film
Polaroid High Definition
- Kdak Ektar - $4.69
- Advanced amateurs and professionals
- Kodak Royal Gold - $4.19
- Ordinary consumers for special occasions
- Kodak Gold Plus - $3.49
- Flagship
Case stydy analyzis Eastman Kodak company,Available at http://www.ukessays.com/essays/marketing/case-analysis-eastman-kodak-company-marketing-essay.php
Internal & external business growth strategies, Available at http://yourbusiness.azcentral.com/internal-external-business-growth-strategies-17598.html
Eastman Kodak Company: Funtime Film Case study
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