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IPTV Prototype Application using Cloud Computing

Presentation for the undergraduate project to graduate as a software engineer.

John Aristizabal

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of IPTV Prototype Application using Cloud Computing

IPTV Application using the Cloud Computing Schema Undergraduate project by: John Rolando Aristizábal Z.
Project Director: Mauricio Gaona PhD
Laboratory: Cedesoft, Univalle Content What is IPTV?
What is Cloud Computing?
Proposed objectives
Cloud implementation (IaaS)
IPTV web app implementation
IPTV web app and Cloud Integration
Showing the Project
Future work
Conclusion What is IPTV? Paradigm
TDT & TV Cable vs IPTV
Programs a la carte
No Schedules! What is Cloud Computing? Technologies Used What is Cloud Computing? Proposed Objectives Main Objective: Develop a web application to offer IPTV Services using a Cloud Computing Model. Specific Objectives: • Pose service integration strategies who meet the Cloud Computing schema.
• Specify a set of features that a web app should have to offer IPTV services using the Cloud Computing model.
• Make a Set Top Box comparative study to determine which is most adecuate to develop an IPTV interface.
• Design an user interface system for IPTV handling and integrate it with a STB.
• Create and validate an IPTV web app protptype which will integrate services using the Cloud Computing schema. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Implementation Eucalyptus Free Tool & Open Source
Private and hybrid Cloud
Integrated to Ubuntu Server (UEC)
Compatible API Amazon EC2
Cluster - Nodes
Walrus - Amazon S3 Cloud Implementation Cluster installation
Nodes installation
Cloud interaction (S3Curl)
Buckets S3Curl s3curl.pl --id $EC2_ACCESS_KEY --key $EC2_SECRET_KEY --put /dev/null -- -s -v $S3_URL/bucketName Bucket creation Insert an object s3curl.pl --id $EC2_ACCESS_KEY --key $EC2_SECRET_KEY --put -- -s -v $S3_URL/bucketName/objectName CLOUD IMPLEMENTATION IPTV Client App Implementation HTML
AJAX Used technologies EPG Remote Session Electronic Programming Guide Populated by XML
Tab by channel
Wished list programming
Video request to the server Client remote controller
Interaction via Javascript
Basic operations Subscribed channels and their programming
Process session on the server
Unique identifier IPTV Client App Implementation Media administration
XML generation Server Request to VLC (clvc)
Singleton for Client Administrative Application Client Application CLIENT APPLICATION IMPLEMENTATION IPTV APPLICATION AND CLOUD INTEGRATION Overall Architecture Cloud Basic Architecture Script: Loading to Cloud Script: Launching the Server Scaling Out
Pay as you Go
Elasticity (demand) Infrastructure ¡Gracias! What is IPTV? STB (Set Top Box)
Access via Ethernet
Define interfaces fatures
Little computer that comunicates and decode Two ways communication (interactivity)
Decode interfaces and bring contents What is IPTV? Interfaces decoding HTML
Flash Future work Migrate client app to the Cloud (SaaS)
Add funtions to the client app
Study requirements to deploy video servers for a comercial consumption scale
User management by clients to hadle personalized contents Conclusions El prototipo de la aplicación IPTV usando computación en nube se logró realizar luego de muchos impases y muy poca información
Se plantearon estrategias que respondieron a la hora de ponerse en práctica
Las caracteristicas de la aplicación están supeditadas al STB
El STB no presentó problema en teoría como se había pensado en un principio
A pesar de haber herramientas mucho más sencillas, se encontró una Open Source donde después de 9 meses de buscar información se pudo poner en marcha EXTJS
S3Curl Conclusions At the end, the comparison between the STB consisted more on added value than functionality
The prototype was validated by standars and by users to guarantee the compatibility and the usability (canal = channel)
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