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Navigating the internet job search:

No description

Michael McArdle

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Navigating the internet job search:

Navigating the internet job search:
Finding employment online

Know your goal
Target your search toward the opportunities that are best-suited for you.
Personalize cover letters and applications so you stand out from the competition.
Yes, multiples....
Specific targeting means resumes and cover letters tailored to each prospective employer based on the job description.
Organization is key.
Successfully navigating the online job search means applying for numerous jobs at once, so you to maximize your chances of landing one.
Ready to go?
Keep up-to-date copies of your resumes and cover letters in a place that is easy to find.
Storage Options:
Label a new folder on your computer and store your content.
Make sure you can identify which document is for what application and date your material!
A folder on your computer
This method allows for portability if you plan on using public computers to conduct job searches.
Don't leave it anywhere!
A USB or "jump drive"
A GMail email address
Google Drive folder
and a Google calendar will allow you to organize your content from anywhere in the world privately.
Lets take a short tour of Google Applications.
Google Apps are FREE!
Now that we are organized........
Lets identify some free software to create resumes and cover letters.
(This increases your chances, and everybody else is doing it)
Libre Office
Open Office

These two pieces of software can accomplish the task as well as Microsoft Word and they are free to download.
Need Help Getting Started?
Resume and Cover Letter Links:


(These links are on the provided handout )

The main branch computer lab has templates available for use!
We have a resume and cover letter made that are saved in .doc and .pdf formats.

Everything is organized so we can locate documents, then personalize and send them right away.

Lets look for employment.
What format?
The best way to save documents is in the
format. Employers tend to ask for these types often.
If they don't specify a format, send a

Find online job listings.
State of Indiana
Reputable sites:

Job Leads Delivered
Some job sites allow you to set up job alerts, delivered to your email.

The gmail email address is a great way to set up these alerts!
More Specialization
Depending on your career search, there are specialty job websites that post specific career opportunities.
Straight to the source
Many local companies let you apply directly at their website:
Urschel Labs

LaPorte Library

IU Hospital

Purdue North Central
Blue Chip Casino

Specialty sites: Dice.com
They will keep your information on file for a specified time to eliminate costly job searches and fill positions quickly.
Other tips:
Social Media Helps
(like some companies you want to work for, they post openings here too)
(A professional website where you post your experience and resume)
There were 3.6 million job openings at the end of 2012. About 80% of available jobs are never advertised.
A bit of Housekeeping
Take down those bad pictures, insensitive comments and lose the badly behaving friends.
Set privacy settings at the very least.
Take a really good profile picture for Facebook and LinkedIn.
After putting all this effort into landing a job, be prepared for the interview
Get connected
Stay informed
Clean up your online act!

Employers check this stuff.
Be diligent, have faith, stay the course.
The average job search can take 16-25 weeks.

Everything mentioned in this presentation can be done in the computer lab at your
La Porte County Library.

Michael McArdle
IT Public Services Professional

That's me.
I am in the computer lab to help you out.
Online Presence
According to a study commissioned by Microsoft, 79 percent of employers now conduct an online search of applicants. Fully 70 percent say they have turned down applicants by what they found online. However, only 7 percent of job applicants were concerned about their online reputations.
According to career coach Julie Jansen, 85% of hiring managers use social networking sites like LinkedIn to look for potential candidates who’ve been referred by other professionals.
31% of people have never conducted a search on their own name using a search engine to learn what is visible to potential employers. Are you one of them?
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