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CJ Koh Chair Professorial Lecture/Singapore/March 6, 2014

No description

Dennis Shirley

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of CJ Koh Chair Professorial Lecture/Singapore/March 6, 2014

Structure of Presentation
What is
Mindful Teaching?
Collective Responsibility

Harmonizing and Integrating
Authentic Alignment
Professional Expertise
Thank you!

Seven Synergies
of Mindful Teaching
Caring and Loving
1. The Dynamic New Context
of Educational Change

3. International Case Studies
Toward Mindful Educational Change:
The Quest for Achievement with Integrity
Professor Dennis Shirley
Lynch School of Education
Boston College

twitter @ dennisshirley
6 March 2014
CJ Koh Chair Professorial Lecture
Nashville: Big Idea
5. The Promising Future of
Mindful Teacher Leadership
Can we attain Achievement with Integrity?
4. www.mindfulteacher.com
Studying Learning
Listening to
Student Voice
Listening to
the Community
Evidence-Informed Networks
Connecting Communities to Schools
Corporate Educational Responsibility
Transforming Learning
Towards Mindful Educational Change: A Global Reconnaissance
Let's Review:

Well I learned many things...
Incessant Communication
1. Studying Learning--Mexico
2. Listening to Student Voice--Chile
3. Listening to Communities--Australia
4. Calming--U.S.A
5. Developing Evidence-Informed Networks--Norway
6. Connecting Communities to Schools--U.S.A.
7. Corporate Educational Responsibility--Colombia
8. Transforming Learning--England
9. Incessant Communication--U.S.A.
10. Student-Centric, Values-Driven--Singapore
11. Abandonment--Canada
12. Trusting--Finland
No man ever steps into the same river twice,
for it is not the same river
and he isn't the same man.
Corey Leopold
2. What is Mindful Teaching?
The New Context:
Zones of Convergence
Poverty to Prosperity
We eat and run. We eat and run.
Innovation Overload
Organization for Economic Cooperation
and Development (OECD)
McKinsey & Company
Beware of Distractors!
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