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FLVS World History 8.04


Kevin Lam

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of FLVS World History 8.04

The Fall of the Berlin Wall
The wall stretched over a hundred miles around Berlin. It kept Germans trying to escape the poverty and lack of freedom in East Berlin. In 1989, the wall fell by the hands of soldiers and protestors.
Roman Revolution
FLVS World History 8.04
By Kevin Lam

Romanian Revolution, which was a series of protests and riots ,started on December of 1989. It led to thousands of deaths, but Nicolae Ceauescu fell from power over Romania. Romania is now communist free.
The Roman Revolution was first because it was the bloodiest protests and there were thousands of deaths. The Velvet Revolution was a change to get away from communism in Czechoslovakia. Solidarity was also a changing point for Poland when workers got together to ban communism, that's why it's third. The collapse of the Berlin Wall is fourth because people got together to bring the wall down so people could escape poverty. Lastly, Prague Spring was last because it help lead to the liberalization in Czechoslovakia.
A movement created by the workers of Poland in the 1980’s because they wanted communism to be gone. They set up about 50 trade unions that led to the ban of communism in Poland
Prague Spring
A revolution that started in Czechoslovakia by a reformist, Alexander Dubek. The movement began on January 5th, 1968, and is a political liberalization.
The Velvet Revolution
The Velvet Revolution was a revolution that protested against the Communist party of Czechoslovakia. They held an election, and Vaclav Havel was elected as their leader.
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