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Learn about Armenian Culture!

Tabitha Hamon

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of Armenia

What do we all have in common? Do now: Write a list of people or a type of people that you think are very different from you. Who can spot Armenia? What else do you see? Armenian Names Almost all of Armenian last names end in IAN
IAN means "of"
What does the last name Yerevanian mean? The most common first name for males is

The most common first name for females is
Mane. The last name of my family is Cheftalian.
It used to be Fcheftalian. Why do you think it was changed over time? Some names from my family are Ara, Hovsep, Sarkis, Sofia and Hripshime. Can you tell which are for men and which are for women? Are there any names from your culture that are uncommon in America? How to Speak Armenian Hi - Hola - Allo
How are you? - Como estas? - Inch pes yek?
Good. - Muy bien - Yes lav

Armenians speak Armenian.
In my family, the Armenians speak a mix of Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, and English.
Do any of you have family that speak a mix of languages? Armenian Religion What religion do we tend to associate with middle eastern countries? Armenia was actually the first Christian nation in the whole world. Armenian Food Babaghanoush What do we all have in common? Many cultures have a food that you dip some type of bread into. Can you think of any?
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