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Bifocal presentation

No description

Ameer Obaia

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Bifocal presentation

This book takes place in a city in Canada. The book does not specify which city because something like the events that happened in this book could happen in any town, in any city. The school in this book is Central Secondary school. Setting Rising Actions Climax By: Deborah Ellis & Eric Walters. Bifocal Kevin takes Steve and Jay to the roof.
Haroon is taken by the police with Azeem. Jay's conversation with Zana discussing Azeem and his personality. Jay finds out more about the muslims at his school. Moffet dicusses terrorism with Haroon. Smoke bomb set off and Haroon has a class discussion on God in Ms. Singh's class. Initial Incident The police come to the school to arrest Azeem under suspicions of being a terrorist. They are told to arrest a muslim kid who would be in the Reach for the Top room so they took Haroon as well because he was also muslim. Kevin confronts the muslims at brown town because of what Husain (supporting character) says in the news. Haroon and Julian go to Azeem's court trial Racial graffiti and slander at brown town along with ham everywhere. A man in The Mosque rats out another man for being a terrorist. Jay hears a powerful speech in church. Zana and Kevin have a conversation or "exchange of insults." Hadi brings a terrorist video to school. The football team goes to vandalize houses in the neighborhood. Haroon wins the Reach for the Top game. Prezi by: Ameer Thank you for watching! Falling actions & Resolution The football team is called to the principal's office to be questioned on the events that occurred the night before. (When they went on their attack trips). Haroon thinks of the words "Fear of Terror, Terror of Fear" due to what happened to his house. He writes these word on the chalkboard/whiteboard of all his classes Jay tells Haroon what the Football team did to his house and they become friends. In the cafeteria they sit "somewhere in the middle." Azeem Kevin Detective Moffet Zana Badawi Jay Watson Haroon Badawi Characters Haroon is an Islamic boy on the Reach for the Top team, a quiz team that competes with others schools in a competition on TV. Haroon is an alternate, only to go on if someone else cannot attend the competition. Jay Watson is a Christian boy on the football team. Jay is the Grade 11 who is being trained to be the captain by the current grade 12 captain. Jay is new to the school and notices how this school is more divided than his last school. Protagonist Protagonist Zana is Haroon's sister and is in Jay's history class. Throughout the book, Zana goes through multiple changes. She starts wearing traditional wear, then slowly stops. She is better than Haroon at math and helps him sometimes Round Character Kevin is the captain of the football team. Kevin shows acts of racism throughout this book and gets Jay in sticky situations more than once. At the start of the book, he is trusted by Jay, but at the end, this is not the case Antagonist Jay and the football team egg and tipi Haroon's house because of an argument between Kevin and Zana. Unlike the attacks on other houses, this one gets out of hand when people start to pick up pots and smash them against the walls of the house and one pot hits a window and breaks it. Kevin spray paints the word "Camel jockeys go home" on the garage. Azeem is another Islamic boy on the Reach for the Top team but he is taken by the police under assumption of working with a group of terrorists. He has phone conversations while in prison with Haroon to help him with math. Detective Moffet is working with the police and tries to find out more terrorists by questioning people like Haroon. Haroon "tells him off" at the end of the book but throughout the book Haroon is brought into his police car multiple times. Supporting character Antagonist Police baton Let's dive into this great book! Seems interesting already! Conflict -Internal conflict
• Character vs Self: Jay is constantly trying to decide what is right and what is wrong. He finally resolves this conflict at the end of the book.
-External conflict
•Character vs Society: Zana rants about society more than once and claims that all white people are racists.
•Character vs Character: Since Zana and
Kevin had their argument, Kevin was mad
at Zana which provoked him to egg their
house Conflict is a monster Exposition: Who: What: When: Where: Why: Protagonists: Haroon and Jay
Antagonists: Detective Moffet and Kevin The police think that there is a terrorist in the school. Modern day. Canada. (Does not specify which city or province/territory.) The police have been gathering information on certain individuals too be suspects of terrorists and has decided to take action in capturing these people. Theme Racism affects people very strongly and negatively.
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