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Copy of The 5-Minute Lesson Plan - SIG Presentation

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Nicola Eagleton

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The 5-Minute Lesson Plan - SIG Presentation

The Five-Minute Lesson Plan Follow Ross McGill on twitter @teachertoolkit.

me: @NicEagleton What, how, why? The idea The 5 -minute lesson plan was created by Ross McGill (@teachertoolkit), an award winning Assistant Headteacher from London. He also publishes under the guise of Teacher Toolkit, created #SLTchat and writes for The Guardian Teacher Network.

The aim of the plan is reduce the time needed to plan an outstanding lesson, but still keep the structure of the key learning phases within a lesson (so it still requires thinking!). What goes where? The big picture : How does the lesson fit into your SoL? What stage is the lesson in your unit of work? What prior experiences have your students had?

Objectives : Your objectives for the this lesson. What you want the students to achieve.

Engagement: What strategies/activities will you use to engage all learners?

‘Stickability’ : What do you want students to take away from the lesson? Is it key skills, knowledge, or to demonstrate understanding of a topic (or all 3!)?

AfL : How will you assess where your learners are at during the lesson? What strategies are you going to use?

Key words: What do you want students to know? What do you want them to be able to answer? Good for differentiation/LA students.

Differentiation : How will you differentiate your tasks or activities? Have you planned extension tasks? What about your SEN/EAL/G&T students? Activities can be grouped according to levels.

Learning episodes : What is going to happen in the lesson from start to finish? Connect, Activate, Demonstrate, Consolidate. Are your activities Teacher or student led? Remember - as of Sept. 2012 - Ofsted no longer require a lesson plan for inspected lessons, but evidence of 'a planned lesson!' What does it look like? 164,924 TES views with 159,367 downloads.
Recognised by Ofsted and individual inspectors.
Now used by a mainstream examination board.
Used by PGCEs; NQTs; Tutors; Mentors; Senior teachers and Headteachers.
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