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Jackie Robinson

No description

sasha chervinskis

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Jackie Robinson

Who was Jackie Robinson?
Born in Cairo, Georgia Jan 31, 1919.
Died in Stamford, Connecticut Oct 24, 1972.
He was forced to join the army during World War II.
He was the first black player to join the major leagues.
His real name is Jack Roosevelt Robinson.
In 1947 he became rookie of the year.
He was the youngest of five children.
His first team in the major leagues was the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson

Presented by... Ayush Kapoor
How has baseball changed because of Jackie Robinson?
He was the first black person to serve as a vice president of a major American corporation.
Now because of Jackie Robinson all black people can baseball without being laughed at.
He became the first baseball player since 1880 to break the color beerier.
Fun Facts
On April 15 every pro athlete has to wear the number 42 for Jackie Robinson Day.
Jackie Robinson middle name was honored after a former president Theodore Roosevelt.
Jackie Robinson was in a movie called The Jackie Robinson Story.
How has baseball changed because of Jackie Robinson?
In 1949 the first all star game to include black players.
Jackie Robinson major league debut brought an end to about 60 years of segregation in pro baseball.
Larry Doby broke the color barrier 11 weeks after Jackie Robinson did.
Who was Jackie Robinson
He had three brothers named Edger, Frank, and Mack and one sister named Willa Mae.
His grandfather was a slave in the south.
He played basketball, soccer,football, and baseball in collage.
How did Jackie Robinson give black people more rights?
Other teams refused to play against the Dodgers even some of his own teammates refused to play.
He made white people respect black people.
Nobody would be able to play baseball the same if it weren't for Jackie Robinson.
He is most known for breaking the color barrier.
He got insulted a lot but he did not fight back.
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