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This is a prezi describing our company called Spectrum.

Michael Sou

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Spectrum

Who is Spectrum?
Spectrum is the name of our company. We sell a range of stationary, including: pens, pencils and rubbers. Our slogan is 'the colours of everywhere and everything'. The colours we have used for our logo are the colours of the rainbow/the spectrum, and our target audience is pre-teens and teens of both sex. Our company will appeal to our target audience because when teenagers are with their friends, they want to have the best so they can show it off to their friends. Our company will produce unique products which will interest teenagers.
The Advertising
We are doing four types of advertising. They are: posters on a bus shelter, vehicle advertising , stadium board advertising and text messages . This will cost us £1750 and will leave us with £250. We decided to use these types of advertising because our target audience will see our advertising as we have chosen certain places that are more likely for them to see it.
We chose the name Spectrum because the spectrum covers every colour there is which fits with the idea of stationery and colouring pencils. We decided to do stationery because at their age, teens and pre-teens need stationery for school work, may it just be a pencil or a rubber, and we know that stationery can also be used to show off to with friends. We used the colours of the rainbow because it fits with the idea of a spectrum. Our slogan is 'the colours of everywhere and everything' because we thought that since the spectrum contains all the colours possible, it does make up 'the colours of everywhere and everything'.
This is our logo:
By Michael.Sou, Oscar Mullan, Andres Jimenez-Ramnarine and Hedley Ruegg
The Group:
Manager:Oscar Mullan
Andres Jimenez-Ramnarine
Hedley Ruegg
The Prezi:
Oscar Mullan
Andres Jimenez-Ramnarine
Hedley Ruegg
The Logo:
The Slogan:
Oscar Mullan
Why You Should Choose Us
You should choose us because we are an organised and trusworthy group that will finish work on time and in an excellent standard. We will work hard and always try to achieve the best.
Streaming Centre
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Posters on a bus shelter
Vehicle Advertising
Text Message Advertising
The last type of advertising we are doing is text messaging advertisment. For this format, we are doing a promotion in which if you buy a stationery pack worth over £5, there will be a chance that a £10 Spectrum gift voucher will be inside. This will encourage our customers to buy things from our company and it will also attract lots of new customers who can trust our brand. This type of advertisement will kick-start our campaign.
Over a period of twelve weeks, we will be advertising our Company's adverts. This will be the order they will be advertised in:
Week 1:Text Messaging
Week 2:Text Messaging
Week 3:Text Messaging
Week 4:Text Messaging
Week 5:Text Messaging
Week 6:Bus Shelter
Week 7:Bus Shelter
Week 8:Bus Shelter
Week 9:Bus Shelter
Week 10:Bus Shelter
Week 11:Vehicle Ad
Week 12:Stadium Ad
Stadium Board Advertising
The first type of advertising we are going to do is the posters on a bus shelter. In this one, we are making a poster which will show many of the things we are going to sell. The poster is set in flowing grass with hills in the background, and a sun above. We have done this so that it will make the people seeing our advertiement feel more positive, which would make them think differently about our company. We will be advertising this ad for five weeks.
For the stadium board abvertising, we have used the logo (without the pencil) and a circle which has all the colours of the rainbow-the spectrum wheel. The colour wheel fits with the idea of spectrum and it also make up more known, as the colour wheel could become a symbol of our company. This is the last type of advertising we are going to do in our campaign.
Andres's mum was able to scan the work but unfortunately, we were unable to access it as we were not part of Andres's mum's company.
Andres's mum was able to scan the work but unfortunately, we were unable to access it as we were not part of Andres's mum's company.
The Scanning:
Simon Sou-Michael's Dad
The second type of advertising we are going to do is a vehicle ad. Once again, in this poster we are showing people what we do to create publicity and we have set the poster in an open atmosphere to show a sense of freedom and positivity. We will be doing this ad for one week.
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