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Professional portfolio

Oriol Fuster Vilabrú

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Portfolio

Me I'm Oriol Fuster. I'm from L'Escala, a small fishing village in Alt Empordà, Catalonia.
I started to study computer science at UAB but I left it because I decided to study at ERAM, a tie center of the University of Girona. In this undergraduate I have been able to discover my professional preferences and choose media branch.
In my free time I act on a local theater company and at Easter in a typical performance. Photography Media / Audiovisuals Graphic design L'Escala Colors Others GiCor's advert Lumière Minute Media Portrait Unicuina's advert Film photomontage Nature photomontage Transformers titles In this stage you can see some pictures from my village, L'Escala. Also, there are some photos about colors, which I've chosen of a photography class final work. The third group has some photos of animals, like for example an owl and cats. Finally, there's a group of pictures called Other. On this group I've stuck some photos that don't have nothing to do with the previous groups. In Media stage you can see some of my projects I've worked on. For example, an advert, media portrait and film titles are some of these projects. In graphic design stage you can see some of my works since I began ERAM studies. On this works I used Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator tomake their. Photography direction: Old woman cooking eggs Brand animation Tv cover Heart patients advert organization of Girona. Lumière Minute when my dog arrives at grandma's and jumps on the sofa. My dad making an old fisherman's head sculpture. Photography direction work tries to imitate the scene of an old picture and its lighting. Promotional advert of Unicuina webpage. Nursery school logo animation. Transformers film titles. Tv sport program cover. Climatic change poker Vector portrait Brand design Dvd menu design Technological pets I put my face on a famous spanish tv series picture. With some elements which are landscape, heart swan, dancing girl and raindrops, I made a photomontage. I made my own Dvd menu design of a Catalan movie, Black bread. ERAM School plays with this type of pets to garnish the school. My own vector portrait. Poker game where we play with the pollution cards and bet the world. My own possible brand. Animals Photos of landscapes, sunsets, sea, clouds, sun, sailing boats , windy days, night pictures, ... Photos with different color
objects and lights. You can see some animals like an owl, cats and a goat for example. Other things, places to see. Sun Sunset Clouds Fire sun Rough sea Calm sea Choppy Sea Port at night Sun began to desapear
on sunset in L'Escala. Sunset with a ruin and olive tree. Clouds with sunset reflections. Flat sea spots. Seabed form small waves that arrives on the beach. When the sea is rough, waves dashes against the rock, which locals call it The Snail Rock. Last summer a big fire devastated thousands of
kilometers forest. For this reason the sun went very red. Christmas lights at the Port restaurant in L'Escala. Plastic cups Candles Wool Sweets Light balls Scourers Dutch goat Owl in the village Tórtora Patched cat Black cat Rosette St. Fèlix and Girona Cathedral Tiles Amsterdam feed Amsterdam feed More projects A month ago I cooperated as a script with Cromograma Productions to record a video for a Museum. It's about The War of the Spanish Succession which faced Catalan people against Spanish people in 1714. Now this project is in post-production stage and I don't have any images. This year at university we're making different projects with other class mates. I'm working with a team to make a short film called The biscuits box. Now, our short film is in post-production and grading stage. For this reason I don't have images yet. 1714: War of Spanish Succession Short film: The biscuits box A Tórtora it's like a pigeon.
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