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Darian Reagan

No description

Darian Reagan

on 5 June 2018

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Transcript of Darian Reagan

American History Timeline

Civil War: 1861-1865
Revolutionary War: 1775-1783
Reconstruction: 1865-1877
The Young Republic: 1783-1815
Expansion, Political Reform, & Turmoil: 1815-1861
Road to Revolution: 1763 - 1775
Declaratory act
* This act was created to state that the parliament has the right to tax and make decisions for the British colonies

* This act repealed the Stamp Act

*The colonist did not like this act and brought back boycott.
The Tea Act of 1773
* This act was created to stop having so much tax on tea the colonist ended up boycotting tea for a period of time

* A various of acts went after once the Tea act started.

* The colonist also started buying tea from other countries so they wouldn't have to pay tax where they lived.

The Townshend Act 1767
* The Townshend put taxes on items such as glass,lead,paper,paint,and tea.

* This act also took some freedoms away from people and they didn't have much say on stuff.

*The colonist were not happy with this act and would protest mainly won protest though.
Battles of Lexington and Concord
* These battles were the first military engagements of the american revolutionary war.

* These battles were fought between american colonists and the British

* For the colonist 49 killed 39 were wounded and 5 went missing

* For the British 73 killed 174 were wounded and 26 went missing.
Battle of Monmouth
* The Continental army which was under General
George Washington attacked the rear of the British army

* This is the battle that the colonist intercepted the british soldiers who were traveling to Philadelphia.

*For the Colonist 69 died 161 were wounded and 132 went missing

* For the British

Battle of Kings Mountain
* This battle was fought between the loyalist and the patriots which were two groups the patriots believed in a smaller government and the loyalist were loyal to the british crown.

* According to Wikipedia for the patriots 28 soldiers were killed and 62 were wounded

According to wikipedia for the loyalist 290 were killed 163 were wounded and 688 were captured or went missing
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