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Admissions and Financial Aid - together!

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Amy Kepley

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Admissions and Financial Aid - together!

Admissions and Financial Aid - Together!
Holistic Student Services
80% of our students receive some type of financial aid. Combining admissions and financial aid just makes sense!
Students are checked in at the welcome desk to insure they are in the right place.
Check-In through Google Documents
Google Docs is a free solution that allows unlimited staff members to view and edit the document at the same time.
Enrollment Advisors
Serve students in the order they come in by asking them "How can I help you today?"
Focus of Study (Major)
Enrollment advisors explore careers and career shadowing to insure students have thought about job duties after graduation.
The Business of Enrolling
College application, High school or GED transcript, official college transcripts, testing, and FAFSA are reviewed.
Each visit is recorded through the mnemonic ASUM.
Sticky Note on Desktop
Assists in consistency
Other ASUM Use
ASUM is used to record each visit and also used by the academic advisors.
For Students Who Do Not Visit the Enrollment Center:
ASUM is used to record transcripts, test scores, and referral to advising.
Using this format helps us insure all issues are resolved prior to their advising referral.
Emails and Phone Calls
ASUM is also used to record returned emails and phone calls.
Holistic Student Services
Amy Kepley
Lead Advisor, Student Enrollment
Davidson County Community College
(336) 224-4668
8 Laptops and a Printer are available in the enrollment center to allow students to apply, file FAFSA, make FAFSA corrections, and complete the loan process.
Financial Aid Escalations
There is a point where escalations must take place to effectively serve the student for complex financial aid situations- typically we escalate about 10% of our walk-ins which average 100 daily unless it is June, July and August and that averages 175 daily
How do you cover so many things through one point of contact?
Utilizing a training guide and accurate information available via our website is the key to success.
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