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A poster on the innovations of the car throughout the years and how they've affected us environmentally and socially. By Rachelle Wong, Sarah Yakimets and Nadine Fontaine

Sarah Yakimets

on 26 January 2011

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Transcript of Cars

How Cars Have Changed Over Time By Nadine Fontaine, Rachelle Wong and Sarah Yakimets The First Car The first car was invented in 1885
It was made by Karl Benz
The car only had three wheels- one in the front for steering and another two in the back Brakes Invented in 1901
Invented by William Lanchester
He invented them since all the cars being driven had no brakes Indicators Indicators were invented in 1939
Indicators are the electric lights on your car that tell other drivers when you are turning and which direction Car Radio In 1929 the Car Radio was invented
It was invented by Paul Galvin
The Radio came seperately from the car The Seatbelt In 1956 Seatbelts were installed into cars
Seatbelts weren't compulsory in the United States until 1968
Australia was the first to make seatbelts compulsory Airbags The airbag was first installed in 1971
It was installed by the Ford Motor Company Cars How have cars affected us environmentally? How have cars affected us socially? Cars have affected us environmentally in a negative way. Cars use a large amount of fuel, most of it non-renewable. When we use cars, they emit carbon dioxide, and we use cars so much the carbon dioxide has built up so much it has become harmful to the environment. Not only do the cars fuel source cause a problem, but also the cars themselves. Cars are noisy and create noise polution, which isn't really that bad enivornmentally, but still a problem. The materials that cars are made up of could also be better or more renewable, since quite a bit of it may be or become low in quantity. Cars also need to drive on roads, which pave down things like trees and grasses that could lessen the amount of carbon dioxide that cars put out. Cars have affected us socially in many different ways. Cars have allowed us to get around much more quickly, so it would be easier to go over to your friend's house and speak in person. Also, driving in the car provides an oppurtunity for many people to talk to each other, though it may prove dangerous shoulde you get in a crash. Today, Cars some cars even have hands-free phones built into the car.
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