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Heroes, Smiles, and Charisma: The Personalization of Politics in the Philippines


Kristian Arciaga

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Heroes, Smiles, and Charisma: The Personalization of Politics in the Philippines

OVERVIEW Kristian N.C. Arciaga

Friday, April 8, 2011
POLI 492 Honours' Thesis

Professor: Dr. Ben Nyblade
TA: Clare McGovern
Outside Reader: Dr. Max Cameron
Discussant: Nathan Allen Heroes, Smiles, and Charisma:
The Personalization of Politics in the Philippines I. Case Study
II. Context
III. Importance
IV. Research Question & Hypothesis
V. Definition
VI. Cultural Mechanisms
VII. Methodology
VIII. Key Results
IX. Conclusion CONTEXT Pre-colonial, Spanish, American, post-independence periods have produced familial dominance in government
"350 years in the convent, 50 years in Hollywood"
Why are actors, athletes, and cultural icons easily elected? RESEARCH QUESTION Given that established Filipino political families have both the financial and political means to succeed in elections...

Why do some elite candidates lose?
What makes non-elite candidates capable of winning elections, despite lacking family connections? MY HYPOTHESIS One group of politicians that can overcome these barriers are personality politicians, who use their pre-existing fame and wealth to campaign for office.

adapt to 'rules of the game'
'Utang na loob'
character and reputation to appeal to electorate IMPORTANCE expanding political spaces
explaining political strategy
examining electoral trends
DEFINITION concept of artista politician non-political, but fame-based walk of life, and use the prestige garnered from their previous accomplishments to compete with the established political families in the Philippines. CULTURAL MECHANISMS anti-colonial heroes
burgeoning film industry
weak party system

Political elites & non-elites for winners and 2nd place finishers (x2)
Degrees of Personality (x2)
Matched pairings
Incumbents KEY FINDINGS 1. Family elite dominance was evident
2. Oligarchs hold a decidely larger advantage in elections
3. Incumbency benefits both oligarchs and non-oligarchs
4 . Most of the 'personality politicians' in this election were winners CASE STUDY:
CELEBRITY POLITICIAN DEFEATS FAMILY OLIGARCH Emmanuel 'Manny' Pacquiao Roy Chiongbian CONCLUSION "Personality Politician" "Political Oligarch" CASE STUDY name brand recognition
diverse fan base
financial resources
rhetoric and platform
nouveau riche Impact on existing literature
Suggestions for further research STRATEGIES Boxer vs. Landed Political Oligarch Richard Gomez & Lucy Torres-Gomez (R) Lani Revilla (R) & Bong Revilla (Senator) A family oligarch losing?! THANK YOU!
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