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Double Digit Multiplication

Teaches the process of multiplying 2 digit numbers.

Mabel Rivera

on 9 September 2011

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Transcript of Double Digit Multiplication

Multiplication I can multiply 2 digit numbers. Step 1:
Set up your
math problem
correctly. ..4 6
*5 3 ones
place tens
place Step 2:
Multiply the bottom
number in the ones place by the number in the ones place on top of it. 6 * 3 = 18 write the 8 in
the ones place,
and carry the

4 6
*5 3 1 8 Step 3:
Now multiply the same
number at the bottom
in the ones place by
the number above it in
the tens place. 46
*53 138 Step 5:
Now move onto the bottom
number that is in the tens
place and multiply it by the
number in the ones place
above it. 46
*53 138
00 3 Step 4:
Write a zero in the ones
place on the second line
of the answer, or leave
an open space. 46
*53 138
0 Step 6:
Next, mutiply the same
bottom number in the tens
place by the number above
in the tens place. 46
*53 138
2300 Step 7:
Now add the two
rows together.
Remember to carry! 46
*53 138
2300 2,438
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