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Darfur, Sudan

No description

Marco Alejandro Medina Salgado

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Darfur, Sudan

Darfur, Sudan
Darfur Conflict
Conflict between Dafur non-arab population and Sudan governemnt that lead to an ethnic cleanse.
The main actors in Dafur Genocide
The Armed Forces of the Sudanese government .
Janjaweed ( devil horse ) , armed Arab militias riding horse or camel.
The UN and other organizations concluded that the Janjaweed acting under the authority of the government of Sudan and enjoy impunity for actions committed
Black Rebel groups opposed to the government of Sudan through weapons.
Moral Problem
Intolerance and discrimination between a non-inclusive government and the minority non-arabian groups creates hate.
Situation between Mexico and Darfur
Edgardo Benítez Pérez
Darfur is a region in Sudan the size of France, to the northeast of the continent. It is home to about 6 million people from nearly 100 tribes.
Civil war of 1983 starts; Omar al-Bashir performs a coup d’état and centralizes power.
The janjaweed are hired to suppress the rebellions and to fulfill the bidding of the president.
North vs. south, discrimination

Questions for awareness
Taking all of this into account, up to which point national sovereignty still is a limit for the world’s intervention capacity to help the needed and imprison the war criminals?

Until which point can we understand the damage that our indifference towards the atrocities committed in this place provokes in the world?

• Social and cultural equality.
• The importance of human rights.
Work for you, don't let people abuse of what it belongs to you.
• Life without discrimination.
But, what is happening now?
Since 2003 until now.
The solution
Marco Alejandro Medina Salgado
Valery Alanis Martínez Enríquez
Alexandra Rosales Miramontes
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-. (2013). Darfur Genocide. 28/01/2015, de World Without Genocide Sitio web: http://worldwithoutgenocide.org/genocides-and-conflicts/darfur-genocide

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