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No description

grade5 media

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Matthew-Burda

Poison dart frogs Poison dart frogs live in rainforests and also banana,
cocoa, and strawberry trees. Male poison dart frogs are very agressive and leads the family.Male dart frogs also eat other families eggs.
Many poison dart frogs get the poison from the insects that they consume.
There are many unique colors for the
poison dart frog's ranging from blue to a
dazzling gold! These frogs live in the rainforest
usually in Brazil to the central americas.
They live there for the sun and shade from the
plants. The frogs usually live about 10 years to 12 years. Their diet consist of insects,beetles,ants,flies,crickets,and termites. Frogs in captivity dont get poison because the insects they eat haven't eaten any harmful or poisonous plants. They get thier
enemies with thier
long and sticky tongue.
They mate by calling one another by sitting on a leaf and making a buzzing noise. When the male finds a loving mate, the female lays her eggs on the leaf.
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