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Digital/Social Media Preso

Social Media, Digital Media examples and relevance.

Anjali Rajshekhar

on 5 February 2010

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Transcript of Digital/Social Media Preso

Digital/Social Media Preso ever heard of these? So have the 150 million plus
internet users........ thats why the buzz :) So what are the rules? Good Question, no one knows Though there are some guidelines that worked for Brands like IBM, Burger King, Strabucks and Blendtec to name a few Be Creative! Interact Humanize Your Brand Listen First some boring stats... Lets talk about the
internet, what is it today? A Social Media Revolution Video that can change perception and perhaps even change the way modern marketers think. Why should we care ?

As Advertisers its our duty to keep up with the trends

Find out what media is being used and how?

In this media he laws of creativity do not just include brilliant ads or full on brand campaigns ITS ALL ABOUT CONTENT CREATION

Scary part is, we arent the only ones creating content in this media.... We are being watched and criticized (all the time!!!) and this is the rest of the world... The speed and volume with which
Social media has been adopted has
promted many Marketers to describe it as
-----> breathtaking and disruptive development
in marketing and communication. democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers which means? Good, old-fashioned customer-relationship management will take on new meaning and resonance.

Half the game in social media is understanding the relationship between existing business processes -- service, employee training, product performance -- and conversational output, and adjusting strategies and tactics accordingly. In order to earn consumer loyalty and advocacy remember these 6 drivers:






responsiveness this is us in the online media galaxy :P 2 great examples of Viral Marketing
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