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Cyberspace in Architecture

Cyberspace in Architecture allow you to sail deeply in the seas of designs.

Ahmad Eltaweel

on 17 April 2011

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Transcript of Cyberspace in Architecture

Building Cyberspace Tools Users Complex (Hybrid) projects.

Sophisticated projects.

voluminous (Hyper) projects.

Special cases projects. 3D goggle screens 3D Headset Space-Ball Shared Virtual reality Avatars Programming How to use living in a 3D world meeting in Cyberspace Users meeting in Cyberspace using Tools Virtual reality: is more than just a further three-dimensional representation, it feeds the sense with a simulated experience of exploring space. Virtual reality For architects and planners the new way to communicate their ideas, to broadcast a design, to meet clients and contractors directly in the 3D model; is the Virtual tours. This Virtual tours and meetings about the project can be arranged to consider problems and decisions among small or large groups, which is called :- Cyberspace is not an isolated world; but rather this world is within reach of everyone; the only requirement is to have the equipment [computer and tools] and simple directions to follow. Chapter 1 Definitions Chapter 3 The digital tools is an important aspect of VR interaction. The method of interaction depends on the available hardware. Chapter 2 Multiple functions included in the project. Cyberport, Hong Kong, China Multiple function included in 1 mass. Burj Dubai consists of one voluminous mass with a huge structure system. Pompidou two, city of Metz, France Irregular levels of contour. Final shape of Porto Sokhna in Egypt Porto Sokhna in Egypt Cyberspace as a design technique 1-The criteria of applying Cyberspace's techniques: Assigning the kinds of
designed projects.

Assigning the project parties.

Assigning the programs used.

Design process. 2-Using Cyberspace in Presentation. Hence we can use Cybersapce as a Design Technique..... Discussed in: The project parties are the users sharing in this project. These users, who can meet and feel in virtual spaces representing any physical or symbolic places; we called them: How to choose your Avatar? make a registration in the program, by choosing the human shape and fill in the table. Then press process to go to the final form of the Avatar. Parallel to the last step (the Avatar); in order to transfer from physical world to digital realm we should choose the programs matching with the project:- In this step we have to choose the programs which match the kind, the volume, and the needs of the designed project. This step is called: After programming and choosing the suitable programs, we will go to the last step:- This step will be made by the programmer in cooperation with the project manager.... The design process could be made in 3 steps: The main concept. 2D & 3D design. Project studies. A free hand sketches due to the designers' trend, for example: or being quoted from nature, like the Capital Gate in AbU Dhabi; being quoted from the desert maelstorm. (the starting idea), could be: sketches made by Norman Foster sketches made by Zaha Hadid. In this step the main concept being transferred to architectural drawings and 3D models. then going to the second part of; By merging the Third and the Seventh of The Seven Arts. From the previous point; in order to feel and imagine any project in Cyberspace we have to study the ways of Feeling Transfer via mediator tools, which will be discussed in:- That meet in using to feel the These tools will be used by the human sensations in order to have the ability to live in the virtual realm (Cyberspace). The main sensations organs in human are: Sight- from vision, the eye organ.

Hearing- from sonic, the ear organ.

Touch- feeling temperature and texture, the hand organ.

Smell- for odors, the nose organ. the eye can see from the light reflection. the eye can't see in the dark. The human can almost detect the volume and the kind of any space by hearing the reaction of the sound in this space. And the Cybersapce's tools divided to: Digital tools, using computer aided design: Physical tools, using human sensations: Digital tools summarized in two main points: Software technologies:
software for Computer-Aided Design systems was developed with computer languages. Hardware technologies:
The human-machine interface. Note: In this section we will show the recommended Hardware which suits Cyberspace interaction. And finally; the speakers, headphones and microphones Then going to the second point of cyberspac's tools: Simulation models, (physical models or Architectural models): Examining a physical model allows a viewer to visualize the project and be a part of it. Having a real 3 dimensional object allow us to peer from different angles. Physical models of any sort are the most direct means for allowing viewers to understand the special relationships between external envelops and interior layouts. Because of its physical elements, it will be under the effect of the gravity rules, physical forces and climatic changes of the nature, so we can feel any changes. In order to enter Cyberspace we have to know the advantages of Digital and physical tools: The advantages of Digital system: 1.Variation of hardware and software.

2.The quick developing in digital technologies.

3.The ease of editing, saving, and developing.

4.Good imagining of the designed project.

5.Achieving high levels of controlling and analyzing the model.

6.The ease of combining between software programs and hardware devices.

7.Capability of entering the project system from any ever place, at any time, for any number of persons has the validity.

8.The ease of co-ordination between the people through the project system.

9.Saving time and coast comparing with physical system.

10.It is easy to transfer the digital model from any place to another via digital hardwares. The advantages of Physical system: 1.You can feel the entire details of the physical model.

2.The physical model will be under the effect of the nature rules.

3.You can easily imagine the simulated model.

4.Any experiment in the model will be clearly evident.

5.You can model with the exact materials which will be used in the simulated project. 1. Feel the entire details of the digital model.

2. Make any additional changes or modifications without rebuilding the model.

3. Notice any experiment clearly.

4. Achieving higher levels of controlling.

5. Notice any mistakes in the model clearly.

6. Coordinate with the other people sharing in the same project easily.

7. Make a good marketing and presentation for the project.

8. Be in Cyberspace. By combining between Digital and Physical advantages, the users can: 2- Use the Avatar as a mediator: 3- Using dynamic Space-Ball: The dynamic Space-Ball characterized by; combining between the Avatar system and the integration system. Conclusion of Chapter three: From the previous three Chapters we conclude: Introduction:

The advent of information technology, globalization and rapid advancements in all fields of life; makes the world communicate easily. This devolopment in communication contributed in achieving three important points: Save time and effort.

Exchange information easily.

Expand human thoughts. In this research we will discuss the future of architecture after the advent of the Internet; via new way of architectural coordination.

This new way of co-ordination called;
Cyberspace .... Problem definition:

The main problem revolves around how to use Cyberspace in designing complex projects in an optimum way.. And so how to coordinate easily in these kinds of porjects.. So the scope of this research is determining the implementations of Cyberspace, via disscusing the definitions and knowing the tools in order to gain a Cyberspace for the building. The world of cyberspace is not isolated; but rather is in reach of everyone.
The Hypothesis of the research:

Using cyberspace in goldsmithing architectural spaces contribute in achieve the true value of the space that we aim.

we could use cyberspace techniques in designing special cases projects which is difficult to realize by normal mental.

Using cyberspace exhorts and motivates the utopian architect to design spaces in the real world. The main objectives:

Easing the design of hard and complex projects.

Imagining the irregular forms clearly. This objective will be achieved via using three Methodologies: Determine the definitions of cyberspace (Theoretical studies).

analyzing cases (practical studies).

Interaction study; by using physical sensations (feelings). The research revolves
around three main points: Why we need to use cyberspace technique?

When we need to use cyberspace technique?

How to enter cyberspace environment?

How to make cyberspace environment? Chapter 4

The study cases Cyberspace:

= Entering to a digital world by using
an avatar as a mediator.

= Sharing virtual reality.

= A simulation world. 1- 2D sight for 2D model, we can see the model in two dimensions only.

2- 2D sight for 3D model, we can see the model in three dimensions but in two dimensional screens.

3- 2.5D sight for 3D model, we can see the model in three dimensions via three dimensional screens or goggles, but it is a virtual sight (optical illusion), not physical.

4- 3D sight for 3D model (Cyberspace), we can see and feel the model in three dimensions via three dimensional tools (digital or physical), which is almost real if it is not physical. By using cyberspace, expecting
the 3D model in real world could
be unmistakable. Using cyberspace techniques in Complex projects could improve the design, reduce time and cost, and make the project easier to imagine. Using Cyberspace, in presenting and marketing any project could be easier to imagine the building. Cyberspace could be use as a time machine, by using the chronological dimension. Cyberspace helps us to control the program, and not otherwise. Conclusions &
Recommendations Optimum: = 72 and up
Success: = 71 to 33
Not accepted: = 32 and down The physical model supposed to be a physical Cyberspace, because it is a real thing that we can feel and move around it. Conclusions Chapter 5 Recommendations 1-Teamwork process is recommended in order to achieve an efficient Cyberspace.

2-Using the third and the seventh from the seven arts, in marketing and presentation within cyberspace techniques; could increase and facilitate the product turnover. 5- The ways to create Cyberspace:

Via the Avatar as a mediator, which consist of;

[A human + Headset + Personal Computer + Software]. The Virtual model; only the persons in the virtual room could see the virtual model, which is called SVR (Shared Virtual Reality). Thank you Second life Presentation is the most important step in which you could present any work By using the Third and the Seventh of the Seven Arts,the client will have an imagination ability as good as the architect's imagination. sculpture, painting, architecture, music, poetry, dance, and cinema This chapter discusses the human feelings, which will have the ability to imagine and control the virtual realm, via using digital and physical tools. meeting in Cyberspace Second life Virtual 3D mock up Cyberspace
using Virtual Display - Avatar: a graphical icon that represents a real person in a cyberspace system. When you enter the system, you can choose from a number of fanciful avatars. Sophisticated three-dimensional avatars even change shape depending on what they are doing. (for example, feeling, walking, or flying) 1- See the Virtual display: Physical world Digital realm Second life 1. Meet the other Avatars at anytime from anywhere in the world.

2. Coordinate easily.

3. See the model clearly
as it is real.

4. Feeling the actual scale
of the project.

5. Notice any modifications or changes made by another Avatar.

6. Discussing any mistakes easily.

7. Be an Avatar in Cyberspace. By controlling the human brain; the human could feel or imagine anything, even if it is not physical. By controlling the human brain, the human could feel or imagine anything, even if it is not physical. How to see the virtual shape of any project [in 2D and 3D]?
By dividing the virtual sight in to four types: In order to have collaborative design in cyberspace; Autodesk Navisworks 2011 suppose to be the optimum software. 3-Using Cyberspace Techniques in the Educational institutions could enhance and develop the students' imaginations and ease the educational ways.

4-Cyberspace provides fertile opportunities to the utopian architect to design anything in his imagination. NOX office team work Project team Component of four disciplines 16 parties shared in this project from different states Irregular shape Sophisticated+
Complex Autodesk programs Deconstruction Sophisticated Autodesk programs Tekla structures using BIM technology Deconstruction Sophisticated An evaluation table for Cyberspace usage:
Calculating the efficiency of applying Cyberspace = 100 degrees.
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