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5 Basic Elements to Communication Cycle

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Jeanette Perry

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of 5 Basic Elements to Communication Cycle

5 Basic Elements to Communication Cycle
1.) The Sender or source

2.) The Message

3.) The channel or mode of communication

4.) The reciever

5.) Feedback
The Sender or Source:

Person who sends a message in different ways such as; spoken words, written message, or body language
The Message

Must be:
1.) Complete
2.) Concise
3.) Clear
4.) Cohesive
5.) Courteous
The Channel or Mode of Communication:

1.) Sender to Reciever
May be: Upward, downward, or horizontal

you to boss
boss to you
you to peer
The Receiver:
Decodes the Message
To his/her understanding
Due to noise the message can be misunderstood:
1.) External noise; raidio, outside noise
2.) Internal noise: the receivers own thoughts, prejudices and opinions

Verbal Expressions and/or body language
A verbal way to let others know if they are effectively communicating their message to you.
Guidelines for giving feedback:
1.) be clear
2.) be positive
3.) be specific
4.) focus
5.) refer
6.) be descriptive
7.) own it (use "I")
8.) be careful with advise
Activity: Communication with Clients

With a partner: Create a list of stressors that can affect you, your friends, families, and clients

Choose 5 stressor each and write them on slips of paper.

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