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Enough of War - Francis Duggan

No description

Kirby Reding

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Enough of War - Francis Duggan

Enough of War - Francis Duggan
Written Analysis
The title of the poem isn't symbolic of anything because it just states that we've had enough war. The poem is in the poet's point of view. The subject of the poem is about how we are in the 21st century and that war is not the way we should solve arguments and disagreements. The poem is a sonnet, it is written in iambic pentameter, has 14 lines, and the rhyme scheme is AA BB CC DD EE FF. The tone of the poem is reflective on how war isn't "21st century." My poem is quite relevant to today because it is based in the 21st century. The big idea of the poem is that we don't need war to survive, we can have peace.
Poetic Devices
Repetition - "Enough of war"
Assonance - "Old long gone"
Alliteration - "'Tis time that"
- "war and of war men we"
In line 7 it says "People die in war zones everyday" which creates the image of an area where there is deceased people and gunfire. In line 10 it says "To take up arms to honour your Nation's flag" which in my head creates an image of the Canadian flag. In line 14 it says "'Tis time that we did give peace a fair go." which makes me picture two leaders shaking hands.
Enough of War
1 Enough of war from war there is no gain
2 Only injuries, bloodshed and death and pain
3 What we need is love and peace and harmony
4 Enough of war and it's tragic history,
5 Enough of war for god and territory
6 And yet in the twenty first century
7 People are dying in war zones every day
8 For war in death and in suffering we pay,
9 Enough of war 'tis still seen worth a brag
10 To take up arms to honour your Nation's flag
11 Old long gone battles with pride we recall
12 We have not learned from the past at all
13 Far too much of war and of war men we do know
14 'Tis time that we did give peace a fair go.
Francis Duggan
Francis Duggan lives in Australia, but was born in Ireland. He has written almost 9000 poems, and has been writing them since 1973. He was born in 1946.
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