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The Blueprints of Success

No description

Safi El-Gamal

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of The Blueprints of Success

The Blueprints of Success
Mission Statement
I want to live each day being a creatve, honest and athletic individual. I will strive to be creative by investing time in the art I make and by having an open mind to my surrondings. I value honesty in every one of my relationshiips whether it be with my family, friends or peers. I will continue to be an athlete by playing soccer, running track and skiing.
Academic & Personal Strengths
Academic & Personal Weaknesses
Time management

Overstudying for tests

To maintain a GPA of 4.0 or higher throughout all 4 years of High School

Make Heads List in my sophmore, junior and senior year

To run track all 4 years in high school and place 5th or higher in the 400
Being Organized

Taking thourough notes

Math-related subjects
Strategies for academic success
Perceived or realistic obstacles:
Preparing better for exams

Becoming better at time management

Only studying material on tests,
not irrelevant information
How to overcome these obstacles:
Focus on the information the teacher stresses on in class

Have more generic study guides

Having less disractions while doing homework and other projects
Failing a test

Not getting into a college i like

Gollum from Lord of the Rings
Authentic Leadership
Speaking my truth

Leading from the heart

Being a dreamer


Listening to Music

Painting & Sketching
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