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Nicki Minaj

My english project.

Charlie D. :)

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Nicki Minaj

Onika Tayna Maraj Nicki Minaj My life Born : December 8 1984 in Saint James, Trinidad
Moves to Queens, New York
Graduated from LaGuardia High School (Art School)
First auditioned for singing then for acting
2001 made the cast for off-Broadway "In case you forget" (failed)
19 year old working for Red Lobster at Bronx
Found a group of guys called "Hoodstars"
Left the group for lack of success
Stayed home rapping and writing songs then later sending it to music industries
Fendi (CEO of Dirty Money Entertainment) discovered Maraj
Lil Wayne found her interesting and signed her I made this song for all the people out there that think I'm fake, crazy and weird. I have been thru hell all my life.
The first verse is practically re-enacting the scene of when my dad burned the house and my mother was in it. He had me and my brothers running over to my moms house. She's my whole life.
After that verse there's the second one that has me rappin' about my first true love and the fact that i blew it, hurt him, I guess i was insecure.
There was a time that I had an abortion because I wasn't ready I was to young and now I kinda regret it. Those are the meaning of my song the three most important events that had a BIG impact on my life. Autobiography My barbie ninjas! Have any questions Thanks for watching!!!!
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