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The Wappo tribe

No description

Autumn Couturier

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The Wappo tribe

The Wappo tribe
By: Autumn Couturier
The Wappo tribe
What I will talk about
In my prezi I will talk about location of the tribe, the culture, history, population, and the land.
Location of the Wappo tribe
The Wappo tribe is located in north California, their traditional homelands are in Napa valley, the south shore of clear lake, Alexander valley, and Russian river valley. They lived in the north west region, the biome is woodlands, and grasslands, and the capitol of California is Sacramento.
The Wappo tribe lived by hunting and gathering, and lived in small groups without centralized political authority, in homes built from branches, leaves, and mud. They made woven baskets as a big part of their culture, the baskets were so well crafted that they could hold water or use to cook with.
When Mexicans arrived to California, Wappo villages existed near the present day towns of Yountville, St.Helena and Calistoga. Those on the south shore of Clear lake were completely absorbed and dispersed to the spanish missions in California.
Tribes are a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by a social, economic, religious, or blood ties with a common culture and dialect typically having a recognized leader. The tribe I will use in my prezi is the Wappo tribe.
A small Wappo tribe family
A Wappo woman
Wappo basket
Wappo territory
A Wappo basket
A Mexican house
List of sources
About 133 years ago, there was estimated about 50 Wappo people. Today, there is estimated about a few dozen Wappo people remaining. The few Wappo people today typically maintain a low profile.
It's a small world after all!
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