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SIA brand analysis

No description

Darren Thomas

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of SIA brand analysis

Source: centreforaviation.com Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Identify the competitors Nature of competition Attributes Despite this: Members: Aloysius Yeoh
Cheryl Tan
Christina Loh
Darren Chad Thomas
Stanley Gan Singapore Airlines (SIA)
Brand Analysis Principles of Marketing 1. Premium in-flight services
2. Destinations
3. Safety
4. Timeliness
5. Accessibility of flights HOW DID THEY DO IT? Strong brand management
Healthy brand equity Next competitor in the market Highly discounted rates
No frills Source: Huda, 2011 Other rivals from the budget airline industry Coping with the competition SCOOT Use of Boeing 777 air crafts, obtained from its parent company Short haul flights at affordable prices $95 million invested into upgrading of cabins such as:

inflight connectivity
SQ mobile app Constant
Upgrading Segmentation Geographical Demographic Psychographic Market Positioning Behavioral Why segmentation - Segments groups of customers
- Characterize and target the right customer groups
- Help determine marketing strategies Geographical SIA Like most companies, SIA uses a mixture of segmentation methods Psychographic Marketing
positioning Through the use of attributes Consumer's behavior and ideals Location of consumers across the globe Disgruntlement amongst women employees PROBLEM ONE Problems and Recommendations •Abolishing differential treatment between the two genders.

•Male employees to go through identical stringent interviews.

•Both genders to be hired on regular basis or contract basis •Males hired as regular employees whereas women hired on a five year contract
•Stereotyped as a short-term career •Exorbitant amount of money spent on human resource.

•Incurring huge costs when there are other viable alternatives

•Instead, invest in performance bonuses as an
added incentive for employees to excel. PROBLEM TWO

Costly and uneconomical methods of recruitment, training and
•More structured and accelerated training program to train and
groom cabin crew.

•Hiring manpower locally as foreign manpower is costlier to train and groom.

Would decrease the funds used for training purposes. Recommendation Recommendation •Scoot was introduced to compete with rivals such as AirAsia.

•Despite claims of 40 percent cheaper air tickets compared to other carriers, still unable
to generate the type of buzz and hype similar to that of AirAsia and Tiger Airways. PROBLEM THREE

Inability to forge a distinct cutting edge for Scoot •A simple fare scheme, for example charging one-way tickets half the price of round trips

•Abolishing the fee required for selecting seats of choice.

•Take off and landing timings to be stipulated as much as possible, in the early mornings
or late evenings

•Strive on direct ticketing sales, preferably through the internet. Recommendations PRODUCT A. Air Ticket B. Top notch hospitality C. Alternatives Various destinations, flight dates & timings

Online accessibility

Applications on smartphones Sliver Kris Lounge

First Class cabin

Business Class

Economy Class PRICE Higher in comparison to its competitors. For example: SIA $750++
SilkAir $480++
Scoot $300++ Promotion A. Deals & Offers C. Media Platforms B. Advertising Lower rates during off-peak seasons

Bundle packages (hotel + flight)

Alias with deal websites E.g.: Groupon

KrisFlyer &PPS members Singapore Girl - SIA's forte

Product advertisements

Destination advertisements Digital platforms


Traditional media channels (TV) PLACE Based in Singapore

Branch offices located internationally

Stay connected through the Internet/ 24hour hotline services PERFORMANCE A. Ground Service B. Internationally Convenient Origination of SIA's efficiency.

Operational support: catering, terminal management, aircraft maintainence

E.g.: Singapore Airline Terminal Services (SATS) E-ticketing

Automated check-in

Check-in via email/telephone PEOPLE A. Human Resource B. Making of a SIA employee C. Singapore Girl Respect towards employees

Considered a valuable resource

Superior source of competitive advantage 2003: employed 14000 staff worldwide.

SIA training center

Emphasis on quality

Employees develop a sense of commitment Embodiment of caring, comfortable & hospitable service.

Westerners attracted to the oriental factor.

Undergo rigorous selection and training. CONCLUSION Strong competitor in its own industry

Dominates a portion of the market share

Cannot rest on their laurels

Imperative that constantly strive for innovation

Meet the ever-changing trends
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