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Gattaca Vs Minority Report

No description

Dilhum imtiaz

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Gattaca Vs Minority Report


Even though these movies take place in the future, both movies have different outlooks of what the world will be like.

Both the main characters disobey the rules for the same reason,
end up achieving different outputs.
Both movies manipulate the natural process of life.

In both movies, either a group or all of society live in a dystopian world.
Both the main characters disobey the law/ norms of society to get what they want.
Gattaca Vs Minority Report
Dilhum Imtiaz
Minority Report
In the future DNA can be genetically enhanced.
People born without enhanced genes are considered lower class citizens.
Vincent Freeman denied his dream job becuase he is born naturally.
Vincent takes the identity of a genetically perfect human to get into the space station.
In the future police use the super human abilities of "pre-cogs" to see crimes before they are committed.
John Anderton is accused of a crime he is going to commit.
He takes one of the three pre-cogs to find the minority report, which he hopes shows he is innocent.
In both cases, the majority of society is told to believe they live in a perfect world. In minority report there are advertisements of the accomplishments of the Pre Crime divisions, for example the advertisement that said "6 years ago homicide was high, so the pre cog was made, crime rate reduced 90%. within a year they stopped murder". In Gattaca, people assume that life is perfect because they can now make genetically perfect humans.
Even though these two dystopian movies have different perceptions of the future and different main character achievements, they are still very similar in terms of the theme of manipulation of nature, and main characters willingness to disobey the law.
Minority report
Dystopian traits in gattaca
Dystopian traits in Minority report
Citizens live in a dehumanized state.
Citizens are (or are perceived to be) under surveillance.
A figurehead or concept is worshiped by the citizens.
Citizens conform.
Propaganda is used to control the citizens of society.
Citizens are (or are perceived to be) under surveillance.
Information, Independent thought,
and freedom restricted.
Both movies have natural faults in the perfection of their world.
Individuality and
dissent are bad.
From Gattaca (1997) by Andrew Niccol
After all, there is no gene for fate.
- Vincent Freeman
Message of Gattaca: To teach
Both these movies have done the duty of:
Influence questioning
Gattaca teaches the viewer the effects and issues of the continuing manipulation of natural processes.
e.i Discrimination

Message of Minority Report: to influence questioning
Minority report influences the viewer to think of the consequences, advantages and ethical issues that could arise from "seeing the future".
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