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Intro to CDMA


Julie Hauber

on 22 January 2018

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Transcript of Intro to CDMA

Career Development and Management
2-credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory course.
“Satisfactory” = 70% (or C minus) level work.
Grade is based on assignments and any in class activities.
Assignments turned in via Canvas (or as indicated) and due when assigned.
Late assignments accumulate 10% deductions for each week late, so turn them in on time.
About Grading
Do not fall behind by missing classes.
You don’t want to fail on your career search!
I don’t want you to fail!
(That’s why I’ve set up class the way I have.)
Get you a job. Only you can do that.
Tell you the exact steps to take. Each job search is an individual experience and may include dead-ends and re-working your plan.
Hand you a list of contacts. You need to develop your own network.
Tell you what job will make you happy. You need to research your career path.
What do we not do?
Career advising
Research careers and companies
Document assistance (resumes, cover letters, emails)
Job and internship search strategies
Interview prep and mock interviews
Workshops, panels, and additional programming
Career fairs and networking events
Career Guidebook – hiretulanebiz.com
This class will help you:
Market yourself to gain opportunities (not just obvious ones)
Create professional documents – resumes, cover letters, emails, on-line profiles
Use FreemanLink (and other resources)
Learn interview skills
Learn networking skills
Outreach to employers
Getting a Job IS a Lot of Work!
CDMA class
Follow instructions given on right side of home page
Go to modules for class “lectures” and assignments
Few lectures in class!
Help with assignments during class!
View Prezi, videos and other items in prep for class
Bring laptops/smartphones to class to get assignments done
Be ready to participate (active listening, responding to questions, asking your own)
What Does that Mean?
of this class is to make it
to you with your career goals and job search! It will give you practical skills and useable products through a business plan that markets you.
This class will help…
Finding a Job is Difficult
Julie Hauber, M.S., M.Ed.
Career Consultant and Instructor
Class Meetings:
Sec. 1: Mondays at 3 pm
Sec. 6: Mondays at 4 pm

Office Hours/CDMA Extra Help
GW1 - Room 111
Fridays: 11 am - 3 pm
Other times by appointment
this, we will often
the class.
(That simply means you’ll do the “lecture” at home and the “homework” in class.)
Do Our Expectations Match?
Let's discuss!
What do we do?
People fail CDMA.
More people fail CDMA than you think.
Career Management Center
Career Development and Management
According to research,
the benefits of P/F are:
lower student anxiety and higher levels of student well being
more conductive to culture of collaboration which links to higher student satisfaction
more self reflection because grades inhibit self-reflection which is linked to self-regulatory learning (needed for the career process!)
there's no reduction in standards (performance is neither reduced or enhanced)

Know that Canvas has great help available when you need it.

Please report any misbehaviors to Canvas!
What's important?
That you are career ready! We want you to have the basic competencies that Employers want to see. Where are you on the Freeman Career360?
If you have to,
absolutely have to
, miss class, you need to plan to go to the
CDMA Walk-in Hours
Fridays 11am - 3pm
Room 111 in GW.
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