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IEEEXtreme 9.0, Looking Ahead October 24th 2015

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Mark Pelham

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of IEEEXtreme 9.0, Looking Ahead October 24th 2015

- What is IEEEXtreme ?

- Why are we doing it ?

-What's new with Xtreme 9.0?

- Xtreme in Social Media?

- History & Future of IEEEXtreme

- How can you help ?

IEEEXtreme is a worldwide programming contest for IEEE Student Members. Started at 2006 with 44 teams and today it has around 2300 teams (~6000 students) registered for its last cycle.
- What is IEEEXtreme ?
Why are we doing it ?
IEEEXtreme On Social Media
History & Future of IEEEXtreme
44 teams
~120 students
130 teams
~350 students
670 teams
~2000 students
1100 teams
~3500 students
1900 teams
~5000 students
??,??? Students
Dimitrios Lyras
IEEEXtreme 2015 Lead

Dr. Dimitrios Lyras was born in Kozani, Greece. He received his diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering and his Ph.D. in Data Mining and Deductive Logic Reasoning from the University of Patras, Greece. He has paired concrete hands-on working experience in Software Engineering with leading research on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Statistical Computational Biology. Being equally skilled at both the practical and the theoretical level he has authored several articles, published in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, and has contributed to numerous R&D projects.

Dr. Lyras is very enthusiastic about programming and he is an active IEEE volunteer. He has been serving the IEEEXtreme Programming competition as a judge since 2008 and was awarded the IEEE MGA Achievement Award in 2009. He loves being part of the IEEEXtreme community and fosters the idea that IEEEXtreme is a contest like no other...it is a 24-hour PROGRAMMING PARTY and everyone is welcome on board!!!
Mark Pelham
Prasanth Mohan
More than 74,000+ Likes
2200+ Followers
800+ Members
More than 122,000 webpages talking about IEEEXtreme
Reykjavik University
New York University
University of Moratuwa
Sun Yat-Sen University
2014 Winners
Spread the Word
Sponsor IEEEXtreme
How To Help IEEEXtreme
Volunteer for IEEEXtreme
Recommend A Great Judge :)
Report Requested by: IEEE Member and Geographic Activities
Report Prepared by: IEEE Strategic Research
IEEE Strategic Research said in their report about Xtreme 8.0:
Overall satisfaction with the IEEEXtreme Competition continues to increase steadily since the survey was first conducted in 2013:
-2012 – 64%
-2013 – 73%
-2014 – 79%
SPONSORS !!! ...
Lisa Delventhal
Parshva Bavishi
Sponsorship Opportunities
Marketing Options
Technical Options
Recruitment Options
Targeted company messaging for demographic specific campaigns
Multiple Ads in our outreach channels
What's New for Students
IEEE Digital Potentials
Multiple Social Media Postings through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ for global reach
Naming rights to an existing coding problem for participants to solve
IEEEXtreme Technical Platform Advertising
Technical problem designed by your company/organization for participants to solve
Button, Banner on IEEE.org Xtreme page
Provide judge, tester from your organization/company
Campaign to opted-in participants to receive company specific offers
IEEE JobSite postings
IEEE Internship postings
Any custom package can be made to fit the needs of your organization
2300 teams
~6200 students
2290 teams
~6000 students
Sponsorship Mini-site: www.ieeextreme.co
Serve as a Local Proctor
What's New With IEEEEXtreme 9.0?
- New web assets:
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEEXtreme
Sponsorship mini-site: http://ieeextreme.co
Xtreme Academic: http://academic.ieee.org/initiatives

- Expanded volunteer community
Increase in the number and reach of PR ambassadors
More volunteers for Judges, QA's and academic content

- Increased involvement of proctors during competition
Access to HackerRank platform
Invitation to create academic videos

- Competition challenges are being taken "to the Xtremes"
Very easy and difficult challenges available to all skill levels
And the bunnies will be striking back this year...
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