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ECE 101 Final Presentation

Final paper

leontyne waters

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of ECE 101 Final Presentation

My take of Early Childhood Education Why I have Chosen early childhood education My future in early childhood education: I love working with young children.
I would the best teacher there possible.
I have the traits to make a difference in young children' lives.
I can not see myself doing anything else. Part of the task for this was class was to interview a professional in early childhood. I interviewed my director where I currently work. Our interview was the key to my education quest. She was able to tell me how rewarding early childhood is and how to get started. She was able to give me advice and the story of her journey through this career. She told me what I needed to become successful and the education that is required. Although I would be working with young children, I still need the right training. I learned that a teacher and childcare director require the same amount of education. Therefore I can chose between the two after I finish school. Interview Summary: Impacts of Technology: The creative curriculum is my curriculum of choice for my classroom. I like it because it allows the children to play, but learn at the same time. Children learn even when they are playing. So many skills are taught through play. Like my philosophy I believe children learn through modeling others. The creative curriculum allows the children to play with others, which in turn they learn from one another. Creative Curriculum Approach: At this point I plan on becoming a teacher in a public school setting. I am going to finish my degree and possibly my masters. I have already been in this field for many years and do not plan on changing any time. Right now I am looking to become an educational assistant at a public school to gain more experience in the classroom. Technology and early childhood education can hand and Hand. As a future teacher I will have include some form of technology in mostly I will do. Technology is changing the way teachers teach because of the world we live in now. Television show are now teaching tools teachers will use inside and outside the classroom. Not only that, but gaming devices and even cell phones. Children are now being introduced to technology even before school age. However, making sure the technology is helping and not hurting the child, is left up to both parents and teachers. Philosophy of Education: My current belief of education is that all children can learn. Children will and can learn by watching others and listening to the teacher. Children are little sponges and will pick up information from anyone around. This is why it is important to be a positive and good role model. Children are like little sponges and will pick information from anyone around.
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