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Tropical Rainforest

Beautiful nature and liveness with animals.

Saray Ortiz

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest Tropical rainforest are tremendously
rich in animal life. It is filled with a lot of
insects, worms, reptiles, amphibians, birds,
and mammals. Different animals live in different
layers of the rainforest. The anaconda is a species
of reptiles. This kind of animal
is arguably the amazon's most
famous animal. One of the most known birds in the
tropical rainforest is teh Toco Toucan.
The Toco Toucan is the largest of all of the
other birds. It can get to about twenty-four to
twenty-six inches in length. One of the most unknown animals is the
Okapi. The Okapi is a type on mammal very
unique. The Okapi comes from a very weird family
who's name is Giraffidae. This type of animal can grow up
to 5-6 feet tall. But it can weigh approximately 460-650 lbs. Animal Life Plant Life There are more than 20,000
varieties of Orchid are found in the
rainforest. Orchids grow on tree
branches, trunks, or rocks.
The canopy layer of the forest contains trees
standing 60 to 150 feet tall. Their branches form
a canopy, or umbrella, that shades the forest floor.
Thick, woody vines, called lianas, sometimes are as
big around as a person. A treefern can be very big.
It can even be bigger than a normal
person. Tropical Rainforests are located along
the equator and are filled with millions of
plants and animals. Because of the location
near the equator, the temperature is consistent,
between 70-90 degrees- with lots of rain- year
Physical Landscape/habitat
(including weather) The climate allows animals a year round
food suply, no snow to cover up food
sources. If these plants were lost,
food and shelter would be
lost for many organisms. Human Influences Humans have cut down and destroyed
more than half the world's rainforests
for its timber, minerals and for place to
settle in.
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