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Otto Story

Zooming Stroy

Yestin Yong Hun Kim

on 6 April 2012

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Transcript of Otto Story

This is a Wolf. This is a Sheep. Wolves eat sheep. The wolves posed a constant threat to the sheep.
Still, over the years, the flock got bigger and bigger.
The occasional loss, though very sad, was to be expected. This is Otto. “I have a dream…” said Otto. “I dream of a day
when not another sheep will ever die
to become breakfast for a wolf.” “But even the fence cannot keep the wolves away,”
said Curly. “Wolves learn very quickly.” “Then we must learn—even more quickly!” said Otto.
“We will become a learning flock.” The flock decided to huddle together at night to protect
themselves. Otto kept watch as the sky darkened
and the flock fell asleep. The next morning, Otto was gone. “I won’t stand for this kind of disrespect to our ancestors.
That little ewe is making a mockery out of our heritage.” “Marietta is right. The wolves only seem to come at certain times.” “When we had the drought, the wolves seemed to come much more often. Hmmmm…” “Maybe the wolves aren’t jumping over the fence. It’s pretty high…and I don’t think any animal is that strong…” “Maybe the wolves aren’t as unstoppable as we think.
Something is stopping them, at least some of the time.” Later that afternoon, all the sheep came back together
to talk about their ideas. Impressed by the turnout,
Jerome made an attempt to count the sheep…
but, strangely, he found himself becoming so sleepy
that he had to stop. “Look!” said Curly. “The wolves crawl under
the fence when there is a drought.” “Well, we can’t control the weather,” Gigi said.
”But we can control the flow of water.” As Gigi dug a hole, Jerome built a dam, and Shep pulled
thorns from hooves, a small pond formed around
the fence. The flock now had a beautiful place
where they could gather and drink and play. “I’m glad we became a learning flock,” the sheep said.
“It feels good to know that we’ll never have to go
through anything like that ever again.” Outlearning the Wolves www. pegasuscom.com © 2000 Pegasus Communications
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