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Analyzing Poetry

No description

Caitlin Phillips

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Analyzing Poetry

Analyzing Poetry
Some Tips
Analysis is actually a very advanced form of thinking. It's just under evaluation and creation on Blooms taxonomy.
The SPIDER Method:
Write this Down
Try to Ignore Her Bangs. Really Try.
So, let's try it as a class...
Your Turn
With a partner, choose a poem by one of the following authors:
1. Robert Frost
2. Edgar Allen Poe
3. A. E. Houseman

Choose a method of analysis (SPIDER or ART WARS).

Bullet your thoughts and be prepared to share with the class.
Your test will be on Friday, February 19th.
It will consist of two poems.
You will choose one.
You will use either SPIDER or ARTWARS to
write a commentary.

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