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Connor Devlin

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Chernobyl

Chernobyl Disaster
By: Connor Devlin, Justin Murphy, Matt James, Bobby bobnugget(AKA: Luka Vukanic)
-April 26, 1986

-Nuclear Power Plant

- Сруктщинд Вшыфыеукы


Unsafe Design

Special Combination of parts

Void Coefficient
Chernobyl Reactors
- By 2000, over 4000 cases of thyroid cancer

-People who were exposed to the radiation had higher chance of cancer in long run

Health and Environmental Effects
What caused the explosion ?
-The operators of the power plant wanted to test what would happen if the power plant lost power.

-Turbine shut off and couldn't cool the water

-The water boiled and the steam caused an explosions

-Reactor 4 exploded
Range of radiation and effects
- There is major and minor damage all throughout Europe

- Over 100,000 fatal deaths have occurred counting till present in Europe

-200,000 squared km

-1,480 Caesium-137 levels

Chernobyl Today
-350,000 People were evacuated
- 19 mile safe zone

- 25,000 spent-fuel assemblies
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