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Lauren Foehr

on 10 April 2018

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Transcript of 1968

January 31st, 1968: The Tet Offensive begins
On the Vietnamese New Year the Vietcong attacks S. Vietnam towns, and the US Embassy
Took the US a month to regain control
Demonstrated to the American people that we weren't "winning" the war
March 16th: My Lai Massacre
March 31st: LBJ withdraws from the presidential race for the 1968 election
April 4th: Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated, riots erupt in dozens of cities across the country.
June 4th: Robert Kennedy (RFK) is assassinated while on the campaign trail for the Democratic primary for President by Sirhan Sirhan.
December 21st: Apollo 8 begins its mission to orbit the moon
February 28th: Robert S. McNamara steps down as Secretary of Defense
Had been Sec. of Defense since Kennedy
Helped orchestrate the escalation of US involvement in Vietnam
November 5th: Richard Nixon is elected President
March 16th: Massacre occurs in the town of My Lai, it becomes publicly known in November 1969.
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